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Thursday, 17 October 2019

The Three Musketeers!

My 3 cutie pies arriving at Pet Land for a stroll! Gaia, (the goddess of Mother Earth), Queen Kaleesi, (Breaker of Chains and Mother of Dragons) and sweet, sweet Baloo (a lover not a fighter).

Tuesday, 15 October 2019

Queen Kaleesi

Mary Ann

She waiting to feel the pea under all those beds! She loves going to Pet Smart!

Thursday, 10 October 2019

Pat Your Puppies

Hello Guardian Angel Family!

This isn't about being nice to your puppies. I expect all of you are nice to your puppies! This is about preventing the problem of resource guarding. Resource guarding is when the puppy fears having whatever she has, being stolen from her. If you have ever watched a litter of puppies, from the time they can walk, if one puppy has something, all the others want it and will chase that puppy down until they get it. All puppies have the fear that whatever they find valuable, will be taken from them. So let's prove them wrong!

When your puppy is eating his dinner, pat him. When he's chewing his raw bone, pat him. When he's eating his treats, pat him. When he's playing with his favourite toy, pat him. You get the idea! Now don't over do this. Just do it once in awhile to make sure your puppy is okay with being touched while he has something of value.

But what happens if he growls?? Just keep patting. Prove to him you are not going to take it from him. Don't take away his food, his toy, his bone or his treat. If you do, you've just proven him right! Just keep patting him. It's hard to eat and growl at the same time. Pretty soon he will stop growling. It might take a few days, but that's okay. If you find your puppy is growling, do this everyday. If you find your puppy wags his tail, just do this occasionally. Test him once in awhile. NEVER take the toy, roll him on his back and growl at him!!! That is an antiquated, ridiculous method that never should have come into existence. Just keep patting. Simple. Easy. Effective.

Mary Ann

Wednesday, 9 October 2019

KEEP SOCIALIZING your older puppy!

Just because your puppy is getting a little older, doesn't mean you should stop socializing!  It is absolutely critical to continue with taking your dog to new places, introducing him/her to new, friendly dogs and people,  and allowing them to occasionally hear new and possibly loud noises.  It is absolutely NORMAL BEHAVIOUR for a 4-8 month puppy to start withdrawing from society.  Most people don't know or don't understand this.  And this is why my most requested lessons at my dog training club has to do with leash reactivity, shyness and sometimes aggression.  I can't stress enough how important it is to keep socializing.  

This is a quote by Dr. Ian Dunbar, a world renowned dog behaviourist, and in my opinion the best in the world . "people are predictably shocked when between four-and-a-half to eight months of age, their friendly and socialized puppy gradually but progressively changes to become shy, aloof, wary, standoffish, protective, fearful, reactive and maybe aggressive towards people."   Take this comment very seriously.  You cannot expect your puppy to continue being that wonderful, outgoing, exuberant dog if you do not help him through his normal critical learning periods of life.  And these are NORMAL.  Scientifically proven.  I'd say 80% of my dog calls are reactivity and aggression, caused by under socialization.  

It is so much easier to PREVENT the problem than it is to fix it.  And there is no guarantee you CAN fix it once it has become the new norm.   So SOCIALIZE, SOCIALIZE, SOCIALIZE, until you're blue in the face!  So many people say they want what I have.  Beautiful, well trained, easy going German Shepherds.  But they weren't born that way.  I spent hundreds of hours on my dogs making sure they turned out that way.   Just last week I took Gypsy (7 months) Gaia (11 weeks) Balou (11 weeks) and Kaleesi (10 weeks) to Pet Smart.  Each one came in individually for approximately 20 minutes.  I made sure they politely greeted several strangers, and depending on the dog and it's degree of socialization, greeted or saw other friendly dogs.    If I can do that for 4 dogs, surely you can do it for 1!  

Don't be like the uneducated of the world and let your dog slowly regress until you have a problem on your hands.  PLEASE, follow the Service Dog Puppy Program and create the best your dog can be.  If your puppy is as important as you say they are, then you will continue to find time to help them.  Don't stop now!

Thanks for listening to my rant.  It's just so important for people to know this.  

Mary Ann

Friday, 20 September 2019

I had to change my underwear!

I got so wet bathing four puppies I had to change right down to my underwear! This is Maestro asking politely if he can "get the heck outta here"!

Monday, 16 September 2019

I Cried...

This was given to me yesterday by a veteran and his family.  I have a special place in my heart for those who serve.  Armed Forces, Police, Firefighters.  And it's not just those that put themselves in harm's way but I also am incredibly thankful to their family members who must endure long periods of time when they are away.  Or the fear they fight everyday when their spouse walks out the door to go to work, not knowing if they will return for dinner.  It is the whole family unit that we should be thankful for.  I have my small ways of saying thank you to them but yesterday some said thank you to me.  And it made me cry.  Thank you Guys.  This means a great deal to me.  I'm honoured.

Friday, 13 September 2019

Screenshot 2019-09-13 at 8.24.15 PM

Guardian Angel Shepherds are incredibly beautiful dogs. Check out Calibre!


This is a video I made 12 years ago. I just thought I would bring it back up to the top because things haven't changed much since then. You can see how i use food treats to lure the puppy into the desired position. This is how we teach all our young puppies the very beginnings of obedience training.

Mary Ann

Thursday, 12 September 2019


There was a good question I was asked today. A new owner asked about taking his puppy to the vet and the chance of picking something up there. GOOD QUESTION!

Absolutely it is something to think about. That's where every sick dog goes to and the place is riddled with germs! So, what do you do? Pick him up in the car and don't put him down. Carry the puppy inside, hold him on your lap until it's time to see the vet, put him on the counter where they disinfect continuously, and then carry him to the car. Done!

Thank you for the question Ewelina & Ed!

Mary Ann

Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Alpha vs Leader

How about we look at things a little bit different than we have for the past 20-30 years. Everyone has heard that you must be the Alpha of the pack so your dog will listen to you. The problem with that scenario is the definition (or the perceived definition) of the word ALPHA. Most people think that the way dog/wolves/coyotes attain Alpha position is through brute strength. Survival of the fittest and all that. Guess what? That's WRONG!

All the scientific studies done in the 70's told of an Alpha male and an Alpha female who ran the pack. When to eat, when to hunt, when to sleep, where to go etc. What those scientific papers didn't tell us was that the Alpha male and the Alpha female was Mom & Dad! Good 'ol Mom & Dad! The pups grew up listening to Mom and Dad and so it continued through the generations of the pack. Eventually, Grandma & Grandpa would get too old to head out on the hunt first, so the next oldest would take over. It was very simple, very civilized. I'm not saying there was not fighting amongst the pack members. What family doesn't have quibbles between siblings? But very rarely.would an offspring take on Mom or Dad. It might happen, sure. But very rarely.

So how about instead of thinking of yourself as Alpha, you think of yourself as a Leader instead.

Mary Ann

Sunday, 8 September 2019

Little Angels

Guardian Angels that is. So sweet. Going to new homes very shortly. 😔

Saturday, 7 September 2019

Puppies love their playtime equipment!

Especially the blue teeter-totter!  And the slide is more fun when one end is higher! 😉

Thursday, 5 September 2019

Introducing your new puppy to your resident dog

Introducing Your New Puppy to Your Resident Dog


It's a good idea to have both puppy and older dog tired before introducing them.  A tired dog is a good dog!

Always have the older dog on leash for the first meeting so he/she doesn't scare the puppy.  Even an over-exuberant WELCOME! may hurt or scare the puppy.

If you can have two people, it will make the introduction easier.  One person is responsible for one dog, the other person, the other dog.

Do not leave the two of them alone for the first few weeks.  Until you are sure that your older dog will not harm the puppy, they should never be alone together.

Play with them separately for the first few weeks so it doesn't cause competition.  Once the pecking order has been established, you are more likely to have a good play session when both of them are involved.

Expect some growling and even possibly snapping, from your older dog.  This is the normal behavior of a "parent" teaching a young dog manners.  As long as the older dog is not harming the pup, let the relationship develop.  Your pup may even yelp on occasion but as long as the older dog is not breaking the skin, these are only reprimands for being rude. 

Be sure to have an area where the older dog can escape from the puppy.  Your older dog shouldn't have to put up with the puppy 24/7.

Be sure to give your older dog lots of attention.  If everyone only pays attention to the newcomer, animosity can arise.

Your older dog will likely be the boss of the two.  You must maintain this hierarchy to prevent problems later.  This means, your older dog gets his food first, the leash gets put on the older dog first, the older dog is greeted first. Etc.  By continuing this, you are not sending mixed signals to your dogs.  "Everyone in their place, and a place for everyone!"


If you have problems or questions, give me a call.


Mary Ann

Wednesday, 4 September 2019


I am matching families and puppies today! I should be able to tell you who your puppy is by tomorrow!😆

Mary Ann

Tuesday, 3 September 2019

They all passed!

All 13 puppies passed their health checks today! I had a hard time keeping Big Blue from Nova's litter here tho! The vet was in love with him! And I thought he might steal him away! Still waiting on CKC to deliver the microchips but that's par for the course where CKC is concerned. But not to worry. They will all have their permanent chip to help reunite you should they ever get lost before they leave here.

I will be working all day tomorrow matching pups with families!!

Mary Ann


Gypsy and Echo - 6 months old


7/8 up on the barrier.  Seems that's the best I could do.  Took 10 pictures but 7/8 was it!  That's little Miss Purple sitting in the background.  

Saturday, 31 August 2019

PERFECT Puppy Recall

Mary Ann

You know that’s stinging nettle. Right?

Mary Ann

First Aptitude Test is Done!

Cruz's puppies are all done!  We did them yesterday and what great results!  I was so proud of all these little guys!  One test we do is for Stability.  When the pup is 4-6 feet away, an umbrella is popped open at ground level.  It is quite startling.  It is not shoved at them with the intention of scaring them, but just opened suddenly.  There are many different reactions that can happen:

1.  Jump, run and hide. 
2.   Run away barking.  
3.  Stand still and bark at it.  
4.  Jump, stand and stare.  
5.  Jump, move back a little and stop to assess. 
6.   Walk up cautiously and check it out.  
7.  Walk up boldly and sniff it.  
8.  Walk up boldly and bite it (playfully).  
9.  Stand still and bark at it.  
10.  Run up and attack it.

You can see there is a great variety of behaviours to consider.  There are about 10 exercises and they are all the same way.  They all have a great variety of reactive  behaviours to each exercise.  And there are no "wrong" behaviours.  They are just behaviours.  But I'm so proud because every single one of my puppies did behaviour 8!  As far as I'm concerned, that is the very best behaviour they can exhibit.  Courageous, assess the situation as not dangerous, play with it!  They grabbed the umbrella and just dragged it around the room!  It was hilarious!  I'm so proud of my little guys!  

And that is just one of about 10 exercises.  We test for dominance, trainability, forgiveness, pain tolerance, (we don't hurt them!) prey drive, pack drive and a few others.  It's really very cool.  On Sept 22 and 23, I am travelling to a 2 day seminar on a new way of testing and matching puppies.  I've used this test for 25 years so it will be extremely interesting learning a new way.  I'm looking forward to learning the most recent, scientifically based procedure to create K9 partners for people.  Because that's what I'm all about!

We will test Nova's litter on Monday and once they are done, I will be able to match puppies with families.  I know you are just dying to know which puppy but consider yourself extremely lucky!   I have 13 puppies to choose from to find the very best puppy to suit your needs.  Not just 8 or not just 5.  This has never happened before in all my years of breeding.  I've had only one time where I had 2 litters on the ground at the same time but they were 3 weeks apart so I could not draw from both litters when it came time to match people and pups.  It will be VERY interesting.

And I thank you for your patience.  Everyone has been very good about waiting and I know it is really, really hard.  Thank you!

Soon!  Soon!

Mary Ann

Thursday, 29 August 2019

NuVet Dog Vitamins Again

I blogged about these vitamins several weeks ago but sadly, there were only a few who wanted to keep their puppy on a health regime that has proven effective.   And of course there are the new puppy owners that have purchased your puppy just recently so this is for you as well!  

First off, I want to say thank you very much to the people who ordered. I seldom recommend products.  And I only recommend them if I have tried it for a period of time and find it beneficial.  I recommend NuVet Vitamins for dogs and puppies.  So much so I have considered putting it in my contract as a necessity.  I have decided to become a distributor of NuVet Vitamins so I can continue to help my puppies live a long and healthy life, even after they go out my door.  I'm not a salesman so I'm going to pass on below, the information given to me by the company.    

Your puppies have all been on NuVet Vitamins since they were 3 weeks old and I strongly advise you continue throughout their life.  It costs  only pennies per day and there is a 60 day 100% money back guarantee.   You  can also save 15% by asking for "auto ship" when ordering over the phone.  And you must order over the phone in Canada, no online orders. Your order will come from Canada and not through the US.   The phone number is 1-800-474-7044 and you must give them my order code number 19865.  

I appreciate you thinking about continuing to supply your puppy with something I know that works.  My dogs generally have a 14 year lifespan which is far longer than average, and just this year, I opened the rainbow bridge gate to two 16 year old girls.  Far above the average age for a German Shepherd.

Mary Ann

New YouTube Video link

New YouTube video

Was this the culprit?

Who’s been busy?

Somebody was busy in one room while I was busy in another!

Sunday, 25 August 2019


Gypsy-5.5 months old caught after stealing the baby puppies chew toys. I don't see too much guilt on that beautiful face!

Thursday, 22 August 2019

New Items

A litter box, a short stool and a new plastic container. Every few days I exchange toys and other items to enhance the puppies playground. This stimulates eyes, ears, smell and touch. They won't catch on to the litter box for a few weeks but it will be a beginning. I picked up a pile and placed it in the box to give them the idea.

A sneaky photo

This is taken from my security camera. I was wondering how everyone was settling in to their new accommodations. If I look thru the window or come in thru the door they all come running so I can't tell if they are happy. This photo proves it. They seem very happy and content. Cruz is able to leave the pups by jumping the plywood barrier but I see she is very happy to still be with her pups.

Monday, 19 August 2019

Moving to the REALLY Big Boy Pen!

The Cruz's litter will be moving to the indoor/outdoor building tomorrow. They will have more room to build their muscles and coordination and learn about the outdoor world. I can't wait!

Friday, 16 August 2019

It APPEARS to be working

After spending hours, over two days, with an Apple tech, my computer appears to be working.  I don't trust it completely yet but so far so good.  We had to wipe it completely clean and use a back up.  It froze while it was doing an operating system update.

So please, if I haven't responded to your email, please let me know.  There were about 4-5 emails that were inquiring about puppies and I believe I responded but that was also at the same time it froze so I don't know whether they actually sent or not.  If you haven't heard from me, please accept my apologies and let me know so I can send you another response.

I love technology!  But we rely on it so much these days, that when it messes up, so many things go awry.  

I'm also really behind on my pictures and videos so I'm going to try and catch up on those as well.  You will see puppies from a few weeks ago so be aware they have changed drastically during that time.  You may see 2 week old puppies today and then 4 week old puppies tomorrow!  But I think all the media is worth watching, even if it's a little late.

Don't forget to check out my Guardian Angel Shepherds YouTube channel, ( ).  as well as this blog, to get all the current updates. Normally I don't say this (because it drives me crazy) but if you could subscribe and like, that would be awesome so I know whether I'm sending you all the things you like to see.  I'm not making money from my channel.  It's only there to entertain and educate.  And if you have suggestions, let me know in the comments and I'll do my best to comply.

So long for now!

Mary Ann

Wednesday, 14 August 2019

My computer is frozen!!

I didn't realize why, when I turned back to my screen, it was black. So of course I hit this key, and that key and then another. Then I remembered it said it was going to do an update in an hour. I thought I'd be long finished catching up on my emails by then. NOT!

So after I'd hit all those keys it was frozen with an apple and a bar underneath that wasn't moving. I left it for an hour. Didn't help. I turned it off. Didn't help. I left it overnight. Didn't help.

Now I have to run up to Red Deer to exchange a brand new vacuum so don't have time to call Apple. When I get back I'll have to make dinner for the family and 13 puppies. Then I'll have to clean them and then do laundry. Then I'll have to exercise and feed all the adult dogs. Oh! And find time for me to eat dinner. Then it will be time to start letting the dogs out in small groups to relieve themselves before bed. And then it will be about 11:30PM. And I won't be able to keep my eyes open having got up at 5:30 with Mark.

So for all of you who are waiting on replies about adopting puppies, I'm sorry! Hopefully I can get it fixed tomorrow. Thank you for your patience! Again! They've already been waiting due to my trip to the hospital last week.

My apologies!! And yes! I'm cancer free!! Thank you for all the thoughts and prayers. The Guardian Angel Family is just incredible. I'm honoured to have you all!

Mary Ann

Very first raw meal

This is hamburger with a lot of fat, sardine oil and bone meal added for calcium. This is NOT a balanced recipe for puppies! I feed them the occasional raw meal to get their guts ready for the new owners who want to feed raw. I am relying on the expensive kibble I feed to make sure they have all the necessary nutrients for growing puppies. It is an art to feed a puppy raw food and make sure there is enough of everything to keep a puppy healthy and growing. Feeding an adult a maintenance diet is much easier to do. I don't want to dissuade anyone from feeding raw but I do want to be sure that everyone knows you can't just buy a pound of hamburger and throw it at the dog! I feed raw elk, venison or moose if my husband has a good year hunting. They get the scraps and raw bones that are not fit for human consumption. Added to that is a variety of things to keep them healthy. I can go into detail about that some other time. Because right now I have hangry puppies!!

Wednesday, 31 July 2019

The health of your dog - things you may not know!

Those who follow my website know that I don’t recommend just one specific dog food. As pups, I feed Petcurean Now Puppy until about 8 months old. But after that, it’s important to vary the protein your dog gets. It should always be animal sourced but one month it could be chicken, the next month it could be trout, the next a combination of beef and buffalo!  I’ve fed both raw food and kibble depending on whether my hunter friends were successful or not. I feed raw until I run out. Venison, moose, elk etc. But one thing I always feed is vitamins. You must add them to a raw food recipe and kibble is processed so much it no longer has vitamins that are useable. So whether you feed raw or kibble, multivitamins are essential.

For years I have been feeding a multivitamin made by NuVet. My dogs are proof that it is a quality product. Up until recently, it was difficult to get in Canada. But it was worth the hassle for me to get it. The good news is I can now make it easy for you to purchase here in Canada. All you need to do is call NuVet at 1-800-474-7044 and use order code 19865. It comes in bottles of 90 so you only have to order every 3 months.  The dogs love them and you can either put it in with a meal, or just give it once a day like a treat.

Enjoy the video!
Dr Becker and pet nutrition

Tuesday, 30 July 2019

Another recipe made!

Good morning Guardian Angel Family!

I've just made another recipe of formula for the puppies. It consists of liver water, evaporated milk, raw yogurt, corn syrup, baby vitamins, and egg yolks,.

This is a recipe formulated by Myra Savant Harris. "It is thick enough to avoid aspiration. There is enough yogurt to avoid diarrhea issues that are so common with formula. There is enough glucose in the corn syrup to avoid hypoglycemia. There is also enough glucose to avoid constipation which is also common with formula. There are enough calories to set up a weight gaining pattern immediately. Amino acids in sufficient quantities to avoid juvenile cataracts. It is high in fats, proteins and carbohydrates with vitamins minerals and iron and is designed especially to head off the problems we all seem to have with formula raised babies."

Obviously there was a lot of thought that went into this recipe! I have used it for over 10 years now and find it to be much better than the store-bought equivalent. Obviously it takes more time to put it together but it is well worth it. Only the best for Guardian Angel Shepherd's.

Saturday, 20 July 2019

Tango has found the perfect home!


It is really hard to let a puppy go when they are 8 weeks old.  But it's even harder when they are 3.75 months old!  But I'm extraordinarily happy to tell you that Tango has found the perfect home.  He will have TONS of love and affection from his new family.  Much more than he was getting here.  He was having fun playing with his sister Gypsy but he needed a family he could call his own.  I'm grateful for the extra time I got to share with him and watch him turn into the spectacular dog he will be.

Mary Ann

Hi from Harley

I love getting these emails!

Hi Mary Ann… hope all is going good for you…
Bob and Harley here and we're just dropping in with a couple of pictures of Harley and to let you know that he is doing awesome… he continually gets complements on his appearance and behavior… he weighs in at 98.5 lbs. and is still very full of energy.  He loves his balls, the water and totally enjoys playing with all the Grand-kids… We are enjoying him VERY much…
The pictures were taken at Kathleen Lake last weekend where we were camping… 
Take care… Bob, Deb and Harley

Wednesday, 17 July 2019

Where’d Everybody Go?

Puppies are blind and deaf until 10-14 days old. They always amaze me how they find each other. They can be all the way across the box and still find each other. Mother Nature is awesome!

This is nighttime footage from my puppy cam.

Sunday, 14 July 2019


I've been passing a pet store in NE Calgary for some time now and have always wanted to go inside to check it out. It said it was a dogs only pet store so I was thrilled with the idea of new toys, new blankets, beds etc that they might carry that other big box pet stores didn't have. I finally took the time to stop yesterday and I was HORRIFIED when I stepped in the door and saw rows and rows of puppies for sale! It made me physically sick! I was disgusted! There were at least 50 cute little doodle puppies. Cockapoos, yorkiepoos, labradoodles, golden doodles, and even what appeared to be two purebred Corgis. The glass in front of each set of puppies said "ask me how you can save $1000!" I was just heartbroken. All these puppy mill puppies who will never get a real chance at life because they will either die in the first year of life or have a short life of sickness and disease. The signs said, Please disinfect your hands before and after handling each puppy! Why would that be? Do you think they might be sick?? GRRRRRRRRR!!!!

There was a young couple there trying to decide which puppy to buy. I SO wanted to tell them not to buy one. Instead of talking directly to them, I was very loud with my disgust of the place and how they would have received all these puppies from puppy mills because reputable breeders would NEVER sell their offspring to a place who sells dogs to anyone with a credit card! I don't know if they proceeded with their purchase or not because Mark was gently pushing me towards the door before I made a downright scene!

There are so many reasons not to buy a puppy from a pet store. I have it all written out in my FAQ page on my website but just in case you haven't had a chance to read it, I will tell you the biggest two. Puppy mills count on the fact that you will see this cute little puppy and want to "save" it. All you are doing is creating another opening at the store that they will fill by breeding another litter of dogs. The best way to save that puppy, it's parents and all it's siblings, is to NOT BUY IT! The other thing you must think about when you are buying doodles, is that 50% of all doodles are disposed of at birth. That's a nice way of saying, drowned, necks broken, suffocated etc. What? For every puppy I see in this store, there is a dead puppy?? Yes, that's right! It's genetics. If you breed a Golden Retriever and a Poodle, half of the puppies will shed and the other half will not shed. Why do people buy doodles? Because they are non-shedding. So where are all the shedding puppies? Now I'm not saying every single doodle breeder is killing half their puppies. But the puppy mills sure are. I can almost guarantee you that. There is no market for a shedding doodle. If people don't mind shedding, they'd buy a Golden Retriever.

I have spent decades teaching obedience classes. I have seen the heartache of families who start an 8 week course with their puppy and their puppy is dead before the end of the course. It was a pet store puppy. Or a puppy mill rescue. They wanted to help by giving the poor thing a home. But they didn't look ahead to see how it would affect little Bobby and Suzie when their cute little fur ball didn't come home from the vet. After spending $1000s of dollars on the poor little thing. Believe me. I want to help those poor little cute fur balls too. And I hope I did by letting that couple know all the puppies would have come from a puppy mill. It just made me sick. A "pet specialist" came up and asked me if I needed anything and I just about lost it on her. But I didn't. I'm sure she had nothing to do with purchasing the dogs. She looked like a university student trying to make enough for next years tuition. But in hindsight I wish I had told her what I'm telling you now. Maybe she would have found herself a different place of employment. But Mark was slowly pushing me towards the door, knowing my blood pressure was rising to the point of no return.

If you MUST have a doodle, find a reputable breeder. Find one who health checks the parents and ask them what they do with the shedding puppies. There are good ones out there but they are few and far between. And don't let them tell you they have "hybrid vigour". There is such a thing as hybrid vigour. That is when you breed two species together and the offspring are healthier that the average individual. But that individual is also sterile. And breeding two breeds of dogs together is not breeding two species together. You'd have to breed a dog and a wolf, or a dog and a coyote to get hybrid vigour. And that, by the way, is illegal. So don't be fooled by fast talking salesman who will say anything to sell a dog. Ask to see the health clearances on the parents. And go to the associations and see what their certifications look like. Puppy mills will make up "papers" to say the dog has been cleared and is registered with XYZ. The only associations that matter are The Canadian Kennel Club and The American Kennel Club in the US.

Can you tell this is something that burns a hole in my heart? I cried for those 50 puppies as we drove away.

Mary Ann

Thursday, 11 July 2019

They are here! Two Days Early!

NINE of the little cuties!  4 Males, 5 Females.  Not sure on colours yet.  There's definitely both black & red and sables.  

I arrived back from my God-daughters wedding and Cruz went into labour 6 hours later.  I was already exhausted from my trip because I went a day early to help set up and left a day after to help break down.  I wouldn't have changed a thing; but I was tired.  I was heading into this with about 10 hours of sleep in the last 48.  Labour started at 8:00PM with the first pup arriving at 8:00AM.  Those 12 hours were spent pacing, and panting, and Cruz slept.  Just kidding!  Cruz paced and panted and whined throughout the 12 hours.  Nothing was helping her except being there with her.  As I said, the first pup arrived at 8:00AM and the last pup arrived at 10:15PM.  

Cruz did a wonderful job!  The smallest pup born was 298 grams and the largest was 490 grams.  And the others are every where in between.  A real mix of sizes.  

I've mixed up my home-made formula to help out the smaller pups but I can see that Cruz is doing a great job.  If the pups are hungry, they will cry and not a single pup appears to be hungry.  A real treat after Maya's first litter where all 11 pups needed feeding twice a day.  For 6 hours a day, I did nothing but bottle feed puppies!  This litter is nothing like the last!

Wish us luck as we get through these critical first days!

Mary Ann
Guardian Angel Shepherds - German Shepherds the way they used to be!  The way they should be!  The way they are!

Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Tonks & Tail Chasing

This is Tonks. Isn't she absolutely stunning?! She will be 4 months old tomorrow and is a Maya/Tazer puppy. She was here taking advantage of her free private lessons that come with the purchase of a Guardian Angel puppy. Both she and her owner are doing fantastic. I'm so proud of them both as Tonks gets to do rounds at a hospital and cheer up lots of patients. That is always my ultimate goal. A Guardian Angel Shepherd should be there when people need them the most. And thanks to this dedicated owner that's exactly what is happening.

Thursday, 27 June 2019

Getting bigger!

Gypsy and Tango are almost 4 months old already! Where does the time go? They're both doing well with their training and seem to enjoy each other's company. I have to be sure that I separate them from time to time so they both learn to be individuals and not just a pair. Separate walks. Separate car rides. Separate events. Raising two puppies together is more than double the work! People seem to have this false idea that if you have two puppies it's less work. It's a falsehood!

I am going to be taking Gypsy with me today to do a talk at a school about safety with dogs. It's an anti-bite program. So she will be accompanying me and Tango will be cooling his heels at home. Unhappily.

If anyone else is interested in me giving the talk at their school or church or what have you, just let me know.

Friday, 21 June 2019

The harder it is to get at, the better they like it!

Every day that I work in my office I bring in Gypsy and Tango to keep me company. And so they can learn to settle when required. I always bring in a bone for them to chew or a treat dispensing toy so they can lay quietly and be rewarded for doing so. I have found the harder it is to get at that reward, they more they want it! I wish I had my camera handy right now because all I can see are two puppy butts sticking up from under a stool, which is under a table! The treat dispensing toy rolled under the guest bed (which is still down after having summer visitors). The puppies both crawled under the very low Futon to try and get the toy. It rolled out from under the bed, to under the stool which is under the table right beside the bed. It is hilarious! The harder it is to get at, the more they want it! The antics they are going thru to get at that toy is unbelievable! If I had put that same toy down on the floor, it wouldn't have been nearly as exciting for them. So keep that in mind when you are trying to think of things to keep your mischievous puppy busy while you make dinner. The harder it is to get at, the better they like it!

And just for a chuckle. My original title was "The harder it is, the better they like it!" I thought I best change that one. 🤣

Mary Ann

Wednesday, 12 June 2019

My Gorgeous Boy

I know I'm a little prejudiced but Oh My Goodness! He's gorgeous! Rommel is going to be 10 soon! Where do the years go? That's so hard to believe!

Wednesday, 5 June 2019

People are strange

I met a woman this past weekend who saw a picture of my puppies and insisted that I had glued the puppies ears together over their heads! No matter how many times I tried to tell her that I did not do that, she was sure that I had glued them.

But speaking of ears, there are some things you can do to help them stand up tall and strong. Number one, don't rub them! That will soften them for sure! Things you can do, is supply your puppy with lots of things to chew on. Raw knucklebones, bully sticks, etc. No rawhides! Dogs choke on rawhide and sometimes need abdominal surgery to fix a blockage. So, SAFE chewies!

Another thing you can do is leave them outside at night. Not all night! But in a safe environment or under your supervision for an hour or so. They tend to listen more at night. And that strengthens the muscles that surround the ears on the skull. It's those muscles that will help hold those big ears up nice and straight!

Mary Ann

Tuesday, 4 June 2019

Growth Plates

When you came to pick up your puppy, I talked to you about avoiding too much exercise for your puppy otherwise you will ruin their joints.  I want you to look at Pele's x-ray which has her dislocated right hip.  Notice there is only a marginal cup in the pelvis to hold that femoral ball into place.  Notice the huge gaps between her bones!  Even her tail!  These are all growth plates.  Cartilage that will eventually turn to bone.  But what happens if you over-exercise your dog and wear the cartilage?  There's nothing left for the calcium to lay down on to make a good joint!!  So be very careful with your puppies until 18-24 months when the growth plates will all be closed.  

Mary Ann

Monday, 3 June 2019

Echo The Arson Puppy!

This is Echo the Arson dog in training!  Echo will look for accelerants in burned buildings, burned vehicles, pretty much burned anything!

These beautiful photos were taken by 20/20 Photography Inc.