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Sunday, 19 May 2019

Pele is loved!

This is the message I received this morning from Pele's new owner! It made me laugh!

I just saved your contact info information again and it just hit me.....I FINALLY HAVE A GUARDIAN ANGEL GERMAN SHEPHERD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! After all these years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ¦΄πŸ¦΄πŸ¦΄πŸ‘£πŸ‘£πŸ‘£πŸΆπŸΆπŸΆ And some πŸ’©πŸ’©πŸ’©

Mary Ann

My 2 All Black Male German Shepherd Puppies

This is Tango & Buddy. I was just thinking how awesome it would be to walk down the street with 2 well trained, all black adult German Shepherds. One on each side of me. That would be quite a sight to see! Hmmmm... Maybe I should do that!!

Thursday, 16 May 2019

Tonks & Grandpa Rommel

Tonks and owner came back for a visit and one of the free lessons that comes with the purchase of your puppy.  In an effort to meet "new dogs" we introduced Tonks to Grandpa Rommel.  Tonks was more excited about it than Rommel was!  I can't believe Rommel is 10 years old already!  

Pele (Miss Pink) and the Guardian Angel Shepherd Family!

Pele is doing incredibly well.  So well in fact, it's hard to tell her from the other puppies!  The only thing that gives her away is that she gets tired faster.  She runs, and plays, and wrestles just like the others.  Her weight is good, her coat is shiny.  She's perfect.  Except for that darn dislocated hip!

In case this is the first time you've been to my blog, we had a litter of puppies born March 3, 2019.  We ended up with 11 happy, healthy puppies.  At around 6 weeks old, I came into my puppy building and saw Pele, sitting in a strange position.  Not crying, not whining.  Just sitting strangely.  Long story short after a trip to the vet, and x-rays, we discovered she had a dislocated hip.  The only thing we could figure was her Mother stepped/jumped on her as she was entering the kennel.  We took Pele to physiotherapy and they were optimistic about making an effort to get her hip back into place using a sling and exercises.  Another trip to the vet and he dashed all my hopes.  I came so close to euthanizing her that day.  But I couldn't.  She had such a love of life.  She didn't know this wasn't normal!  She just took it all in stride.  I've never seen a tougher dog in my life!  And now I know I made the right decision.  She is a perfect bundle of joy (with a limp)!

And the news gets better!

It's official, she's going home!  She will have her very own family!

I've known this family for several years now.  They have been patiently waiting, for years, for a Guardian Angel Shepherd.  And this was the year to finally get one!  They waited patiently when they found out Maya had been bred.  They waited patiently to find out she actually was pregnant.  They waited patiently to hear if there were enough puppies for them to receive one.  They waited for the phone call to say "yes, there's enough puppies!"  And they were waiting to find out which puppy they would receive.  But instead of me telling them which puppy would be theirs, they told me.  They wanted Pele!  They could have had a healthy puppy but no, they wanted the injured puppy!  I couldn't believe my ears!  After all this time.  After all these years of waiting.  I literally burst into tears on the phone.  I was so happy that Pele would have her very own family who would love and care for her and her special needs.  I did my best to explain what the vet had told me and it might come down to a total hip replacement in the future.  And that was okay with them.  I was ecstatic!  My faith in humanity was renewed!  

So I'm very happy to tell everyone that Pele is leaving for her home in Saskatchewan tomorrow.  I'm hoping we get lots of updates on how she's doing and I will pass them along to you as I get them.

And I need to thank all those incredibly generous people who donated money to pay for Pele's vet and physiotherapy bills.  I was amazed at how caring people truly are.  You always hear all the worst things and you tend to start feeling like that's all there is out there.  But that's absolutely wrong!  There are so many people who opened their hearts for Pele and I am truly, truly thankful.  Some gave money, some did extensive research into her problem and offered suggestions, some prayed.   I have also donated the cost of a puppy towards the upcoming medical bills she will encounter. All of you are a gift.  We are family.  Family doesn't have to be blood related.  We are the Guardian Angel Shepherd family!

Monday, 13 May 2019

I need just the right owners for Gypsy and Tango

This is a short video of Gypsy (Miss Green).  She is a Black & Tan Alpha female and needs a home that has a job for her.  That could be keeping a marathon runner company on their runs, or Search & Rescue, or bomb/drug dog, something that requires a lot of energy to be used up.  But she must have a job.  I have turned down several people who wanted her on her looks only.  I saved both them and her from a life of frustration.  I'm putting this out there because she needs just the right fit.

Tango was Mr. Tan.  He is an all Black Alpha male.  His video will come out shortly.  He is not as gung-ho as Gypsy but not too far behind.  He could go with someone who is experienced with German Shepherds.  His video will come out shortly.

Here is the link:

Pass this along!  Let's find them their new forever homes!

Mary Ann

Saturday, 11 May 2019

The Dog Days of Summer

They are almost here! Enjoying the deck for the first time this year!

This is Trinity. Isn't she absolutely gorgeous! So feminine! She died once and I brought her back to life. But that's a story for another day. I'm just going to enjoy the sun for 10 until something calls me away!

Friday, 10 May 2019


You said I'm going where?! And doing what?!

Mr Red (Watson) left today for his new home!

Her First Day At Work!

This is the coolest thing ever!  This is Tonk (Miss Purple) doing rounds with her owner who just happens to be a doctor!  Tonk apparently did very well visiting all the patients and sleeping during charting.  She was loved by all!   I'm a very PROUD MOTHER!

Mary Ann

Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Rifle Blasts! 10 Feet From My Head As I Slept!

Today I woke at 5:40AM to 2 rifles blasts 10 feet from my head!  My husband was up for work and saw a very large coyote only 25 yards from where we keep the puppies!  They were all safe indoors with Momma but that's much too close for me!  He ran for his rifle and sent two shots just behind his heels!  We have an agreement with the coyotes.  We have 160 acres.  They can use 155 acres and we use 5.  Seems incredibly fair to me!  But when they come sniffing around my dogs, or any livestock we might have at the time, that's not allowed.  First time is warning shots.  Next time, no warning shot.  

I've had one of my old retired girls killed by a cougar so I can't take the chance of having any predators close by.  Fish & Wildlife asked if I wanted that cougar shot and I said no.  It was just being a cougar.  They felt it was a young male, just on it's own from it's mother and wasn't very good at hunting yet.  I said if it came back, then yes, as that would mean there was a pattern and who knows what it might go after, after that.  But it never did, thankfully.  But that was one of the most horrific experiences of my life.  Poor Kahlua.  He daughter Indy came to her rescue but the damage was so bad, she had to be euthanized.  

But today was not a good day for predators.  Thankfully Trinity was going crazy outside which caused Mark to look out the window.  The other dogs hadn't smelled it yet I guess.  Good thing we have lots of sentry dogs!

But all is well and the puppies and Maya never knew the difference.  But we will be extra vigilant!

Mary Ann

Tuesday, 7 May 2019

Bite this!

When your puppy bites you, which he or she will do, the best thing to do is to find something else for them to bite. That's the only way they know how to play. So if you don't bring something with you that they can bite, you are fair game. It's your fault not theirs!

Keep Your Dog Thin Throughout His Lifetime

This is a link to a study on Labradors to evaluate the effects of diet restriction on development of radiographic evidence of hip joint osteoarthritis (caused by Canine Hip Dysplasia CHD) in dogs.  

Spoiler alert! -  "Dogs allowed to eat as much as they wanted showed evidence of hip dysplasia at younger ages than dogs fed less, and the difference between the groups got worse as they got older.  By 6 years of age, 50% of dogs in the unlimited food group had evidence of osteoarthritis, compared with only 10% of dogs in the restricted food group.  More than 50% of the dogs in the restricted food group still had radiographically normal hips at 12 years old; in the other group, 90% were arthritic.  Dogs fed 25% less food than their pair in the control group weighed about 25% less throughout their lives.  Heavier dogs had worse hips."

Mary Ann

Monday, 6 May 2019

Sunday, 5 May 2019

Mr Tan

Mr Blue

Mr Red


Miss Green

‘‘Tis that time of year! Gates!

Mud, mud and more mud! Last year I bought a dump truck full of gravel and put it all in the backyard. The dogs already killed most of the grass so why not! Unfortunately it only covered about 85% of the yard. This year I will get another load which will finish the backyard and hopefully fill the mud pit in Nova's yard as well. I have to wait until things dry up or the gravel will be pushed down into the mud. Welcome to Spring time in Alberta! And thank goodness for gates!

My favourite place

Isis was born in 2003. That makes her 16 years old. Crazy old for a German Shepherd. She is pretty frail but still has a sparkle in her eye. I need to protect her from the over exuberance of the younger dogs and help her up and down the stairs but other than that she still enjoys life. This is her favourite spot. I built 2 raised beds to help her be more comfortable in her later years. The dogs love them. I bought the hammock and made the rest from pvc. They cost between $40-45 each. Much cheaper than the $175-$300 store bought varieties!

Thursday, 2 May 2019

Feeding the Puppies

As you know, I am feeding Petcurean, NOW Fresh, Large Breed Puppy food.  But here's the specifics.

They are fed approximately 1 cup, 3 times per day.  Times of the meals can vary somewhat but it is approximately 8:00AM, 2:00PM and 8:00PM.  No food and limited water after 8:00PM.  It will cut down on your nighttime bathroom runs.  

Added to the puppy's food is Vitamin C.   The dosages are: 500mg daily until 4 months old then increasing to 1000mg, and finally to 2000mg daily until 18-24 months of age. Vitamin C is virtually harmless so don't be worried about overdosing. It can cause diarrhea so if this happens just decrease the dose slightly. I recommend a buffered C and divide the amount between meals as opposed to adding the whole dose to one meal.  Ascorbic Acid is most common, however, they have the poorest absorption rate by the body.  Vitamin C can also be found in Ascorbates and are easily absorbed in the intestinal tract of dogs.  I have a mortar and pestle and grind the pills to sprinkle on the food.  I add just enough water to mix it well.

I also add a dog multivitamin daily.  I use VitaHealth daily vitamins.     (I will get a small percentage of you use this link to purchase the vitamins through Amazon Canada)

I feed puppy food no longer than 9-10 months at the latest.  This will slow down the growth and help prevent Pano (growing pains).  It will not stunt the growth, just slow it down.

If you have any questions, let me know and I'll be happy to answer them.

Mary Ann

Tuesday, 30 April 2019

What are we missing Part 2

A client asked me what was missing on the bag of dog food I posted the other day,  I was confused.  I said there was nothing missing.  The circle area was just to point out it was Large Breed puppy food.  And now I know why she asked me.  The text did not come thru with the picture of the bag.  Here is the text.

For those who missed it before. I have changed to Petcurean Now Fresh for large breed puppies. I changed because it has the correct calcium to phosphorus ratio. The same ratio that has been clinically proven to help reduce the risk of Hip Dysplasia. 

Think about it. I mean REALLY, really think about it. 

I can easily trace dogs back in my pedigree  for almost 50 years. And if I put some effort in I could go back another 50. NONE  of them had Hip Dysplasia. None. Zero. Nada. Generally speaking, if the past 50 or more generations of working line German Shepherds have been cleared of Dysplasia and there is still Dysplasia, there has to be something we are missing. Maybe it's lack of vitamin C. Maybe it's the calcium phosphorus ratio. There is something we are missing!  I will continue to look under every rock and cranny to figure it out.  I hope you will too. 


My faith in humanity has been renewed. There are so many people out there with hearts as big as the sun. I am overwhelmed at all who have sent me money to help with the cost of Pele's multiple veterinary visits and physiotherapy. I refused offers initially but as the expenses continued to grow and people kept insisting, I finally gave in. And it is very, very much appreciated, I can't tell you what it means to me. You guys are awesome! For those of you who offered, and I refused, I am most humbly accepting now if the offer still stands. It is surprising how fast the bills can mount up. You can send it to The answer to the question should be Pele.

And I want to say something about the money I make from my puppies, If I was looking for a puppy and I figured out the math on this litter it would seem like a lot of money, I would wonder where all that money goes First off, 4 of these puppies are being donated to be service dogs. Any income I receive from the rest of the puppies goes to the upkeep of my current dogs and hopefully to find a new stud dog. Merlin died almost 2 years ago and I am still looking for a suitable replacement. I have 3 females that are breeding age and 1 of them cannot be bred because it would be inbreeding. Last year the 2 that could be bred, didn't catch. So that means I had 1 litter in 24 months, This is the first income in 24 months, For easy figuring let's say it costs me $100/month/dog to feed them not including puppies. I have 9 dogs, The puppies and Maya are eating 50 cups of food a day. Yes, 50 cups. That's not a typo. If you want to buy a good stud dog, which I do, you are looking at $20,000-$45,000 plus shipping from Europe which can cost up to $10,000. And this litter may be the one and only I have this year. I hope to have one in the fall but that is up to the dogs. I just didn't want anyone to think I was making a ton of money and not spending any on Pele. I am spending money on Pele. I did not ask for any donations. I was quite willing to spend what she needed. I love her with all my heart. I spent many sleepless nights worrying about her. I brought her into this world and I am responsible for her. Period.

I just wanted to say how overwhelmed I am that people would donate to help with her vet bills. Past clients, new clients and even strangers. You are all truly Angels. πŸ˜‡

Yours most humbly,

Mary Ann

Advice from one of the world's best behaviourist

Dr. Ian Dunbar -  I've taken many in person courses from him and I highly recommend him.

Meet Loki

Loki used to be Mr. White.  For the longest time I'd been referring to Mr. White as Miss White!  I generally try to keep the colours as: dark colours are boys, light colours are girls.  I had so many boys I had to give him a white collar.  But for years, white has been for a female.  Much to the surprise to the owners, and myself, when they came to pick up the FEMALE puppy yesterday, there was some extra equipment under the carriage!!  How embarrassing!  But all was good.  They didn't care, boy or girl.  And this was the best puppy to suit their needs.  No harm, no foul.  Thankfully!

Today is her birthday!

I was asked for photos of some of my older dogs just recently.  This just came in today!

Today is Lexi's birthday!  I absolutely LOVE it when I get pictures!!  HINT! HINT! HINT! And updates! HINT!

Lexi is a great girl who spends all of her time with her Mom going for long walks and her favourite pastime, agility!  From what I hear she is doing extremely well!  

She's absolutely gorgeous!

Thanks for the update and photo DL!

Saturday, 27 April 2019

Pele (Miss Pink)

I have news about Miss Pink who is now Pele. Pronounced Palay, Hawaiian goddess of volcanoes, fire & wind. All unstoppable forces of nature! Just like Miss Pink! She is a true unstoppable force of nature!

We went to a canine physio specialist last Tuesday. (Seems so long ago!) We came up with the idea to have the vet sedate her, pop her hip back into place an put a special sling on it. It would be on for 72 hours, then taken of and practice weight bearing exercises. Then the sling would go back on for 72 hours and off for exercises. This would last for 2-3 weeks.

So that was Tuesday. Wednesday the vet came to do vaccinations, health checks and microchips etc. He felt the therapists ideas were great in theory but unless I could x-ray every day to be sure the hip was still in place, it would be useless. While we talked, I was holding Pele down while he tried to manipulate the hip back into place. Something that was very painful for her, I had spent a lot of time the day before holding Pele for the therapist to do the same thing. At one point I just SNAPPED! I grabbed the vet's hand and thrust it away from Pele. He looked at me in surprise. I was not going to put this puppy through anymore pain!! I told him I'd rather put her down than have her go through this over and over again. We discussed euthanasia as a real option. I even told him to go ahead and I took off her collar. I was sobbing, He had tears in his eyes. It was just awful. Then I said "she does so well when she's just running around with her littermates". He said "explain". I said it didn't even slow her down. She played and ran and wrestled just like everybody else. An unstoppable force of nature! Sure she got tired faster and tipped over more but she didn't seem to mind. We decided to let Mother Nature take over and see what would happen. Wait 2 weeks and reassess. So that's what we have done. She is too young to have any kind of surgery, physio wasn't going to work so Mother Nature and prayers were going to be the answer.

So that's where it is sitting at this point, HOWEVER! The story continues! But I have to rush off because I'm late feeding the puppies! To be continued…

Mary Ann

Pick 3 Names

I do my best to allow people to have their registered name the same as their call name. The Canadian Kennel Club requires 3 names to chose from on their registration papers. Just in case the name has been used already. The letter this year is "G". I suggest you think of the call name of your dog "Rover" and then 2 "G" names. "Gigi" & "Gorgeous". They will most often allow the first name written, so you usually get your call name as your registered name. The G name helps with the filing systems and will declare the dog was born in 2019.

So it would look like this:

Rover vom Haus Marcellus
Gigi vom Haus Marcellus
Gorgeous vom Haus Marcellus

In this situation, if Rover vom Haus Marcellus had already been taken, they would use Gigi vom Haus Marcellus. You would still be allowed to call your dog "Rover" in everyday life. For example: Marcellus' I Am Canadian, was the registered name of Diesel.

And by the way, vom Haus Marcellus means "from the house of Marcellus".

Mary Ann

Friday, 26 April 2019

Puppies have been matched with owners!

Finally!! I've managed to find the time to match each puppy with their perfect owner! I've sent an email to everybody except one family who I didn't have the email address of. If you haven't received an email from me, please email or call me and I will tell you which puppy is going home with you next week.

Anyone who has not made an appointment to pick up the puppy, please arrange with me as soon as possible. Please allow 2 hours here and do not bring young children. It's very boring filling out paperwork and listening to adults talk!

Congratulations everyone! And thank you for your patience! I promise, it's worth the wait!

Mary Ann

Thursday, 25 April 2019

Outdoor kennel

They enjoy the fresh air but can use the dog door to go inside when they want.  So many things they already have learned before they leave for their new homes!  How to use a dog door, sleep in a crate, use the litter box which can easily be transferred to the outdoors, come when called!  It'll be a walk in the park!

Up the hill! & a video  Find the puppy with the dislocated hip

Wednesday, 24 April 2019

All Puppies Cleared!

All pups received their health clearances. vaccinations , microchips and were dewormed today. They were all troopers when it came to the shots and microchipping!

You will all receive 6 weeks free puppy insurance when you pick up your puppy. I highly recommend continuing with your pet insurance. I have insurance for my dogs. You don't have to go with my insurance company but now is the time to research them. It can literally be life or death for your dog. It's the best thing I've ever done.

Awesome Dog Education YouTube Channels

These are some of my favourite dog channels on YouTube!  These people are extremely well educated and are my mentors.  I have been lucky enough to take courses with most of them, in person.  Incredible educators!

Dr. Karen Becker/Mercola   - holistic DVM -

Leerburg Kennels - all things German Shepherd -

Michael Ellis - World Class Trainer  -   via Leerburg site

Dr. Ian Dunbar -  World Class Trainer -

Kikopup - Motivational Dog Trainer (no corrections)

Best Dog Foods for Large Breed Puppies

But check the calcium phosphorus ratios!

Calcium content analyzer for kibble

Balancing Calcium Phosphorus in your dog's diet

This is one of THE most crucial elements of feeding a large breed puppy.  If you plan on feeding raw, this article will help you.  The imbalance of these two minerals are one of the main reasons large breed dogs get Hip Dysplasia.  Whether you feed raw or kibble, the ratios should be the same.

Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Busy Days Ahead

With thanks to Meagan and Mark I was able to do the aptitude testing of all the puppies yesterday. It took several hours!

Today I'm off with Miss Pink, 2 hours South, to a physiotherapist who specializes in canines. Hopefully we will come up with a plan on how we can help her with her dislocated hip!

Tomorrow is health check, vaccination and microchipping day.

And hopefully, after all that is accomplished, I will be able to go through all of your questionairres and learn more about you on Thursday. And ultimately find you the perfect puppy. I'm hoping Friday I will have the results for you!

Gotta dash!

Mary Ann

Saturday, 20 April 2019

Preventing Hip Dysplasia in your puppy

I am taking Miss Pink (now named Pele, the Hawaiian goddess of wind, fire and volcanoes ie unstoppable forces of nature like she is!) anyways…taking Pele to The Canine Fitness Centre on Tuesday for assessment and physio for her dislocated hip.  I found this great article on their website and thought I'd share.  I'm very proud to say that I am already doing everything they recommend breeders do for reducing the incidence of hip dysplasia in your puppy.  That makes me feel proud!  I'm obviously doing things right!

 Genetics is the first step, proper care and rear end awareness from birth to 8 weeks and then the rest is up to you and the environment you raise your puppy in.  I will talk about Vitamin C, MSM+Chondroitin+Glucosamine, and calcium+Phosphorus ratios in other posts.  All of these things are crucial in raising your puppy to be dysplasia free.  It all starts when the sperm meets the egg AND the first day you bring him/her home!

Mary Ann

Prevent Hip Dysplasia Videos

For those like me who prefer to see rather than read!

Visiting with the pack

Just like a child needs a village to raise them, puppies need a pack.

Mothers deserve naps too

Maya taking advantage of the "no puppy" area so she can take a break from her 11 puppies.

Friday, 19 April 2019

List of things you may need for your new puppy

 I'm putting together a list from Amazon on the products I use and recommend.  GSDs are very hard on things and over the years I've spent tons of money on toys and items thet are "indestructible" and are gone in 15 minutes.   Anything you purchase through these links I will get a small percentage of.  I have tested all these items on a daily basis and recommend them all.  Hard Plastic Crate - the only kind they will allow on planes  - this is what I use most of the time  Wire Crate - handy because it's portable and folds away - you can take it camping or to a friends or in-laws.  I like to use blankets over top for privacy for the dogs.  Exercise pen.  I highly recommend an x-pen.  Makes life with a puppy a whole lot easier.  Back seat car cover collar - martingale collars  are the safest collars there are  Multipurpose  adjustable leather leash  - use it at 4, 5 and 6 feet as well as hands free or 2 dogs Food and water dishes  MUST HAVE!  Dyson pet brush,  You may need an adapter for whatever kind of vacuum you have.  2 sided comb.  Another MUST have most people don't know about  2 sided brush  good quality nail clippers are a must. These you can sharpen with a round file.  These 4 grooming items are all you need. Rollover is what I use for training treats,  It is actually a high quality food and not a treat so you cannot ruin their dinner!  Just exchange some of one for the other!  You can find it more economically  at other stores but I wanted you to see what it looked like.  Different flavours come in different sizes, Yak hard cheese chews,  Believe it or not, they are worth the money.  One of the few things that last for awhile. Small left over pieces get put in microwave and become puffs

Bed - there's lots of good ones out there

I'm making up a list of toys that are good for GSDs so that will come in the future.

I hope this helps.

Mary Ann

Thursday, 18 April 2019

Update on Miss Pink

Things are looking a little brighter for Miss Pink. Since there is no guarantee that surgery would work, I've been looking into alternatives. I have an appointment with a highly referred canine physio clinic 2 hours South of here. We can't get in until the 23rd but they said as long as she is ambulatory that that will cause no further damage.

And one of my previous clients who has been following us on social media has referred me to a fantastic vet in Ontario, Thank you so much CM for caring! I will try and reach the vet as soon as possible.

Little Miss Pink did not ask to be brought into this world. I am responsible for that and I will continue to be responsible to her throughout her life. She will never be a working dog but I'm sure we can figure something out to give her a reasonably good quality of life. She has a sparkle in her eye that just is beyond words. She doesn't know she's been hurt! She is tough as nails and carries on the best she can. She eats, and runs, and even beats up some of the other siblings! She's an unstoppable force of nature! I would love to find her a pet home where she could be the only one to be loved on, but if that isn't the case, she will stay here with us and become part of our pack for many years to come. Either way, she will be loved!

Mary Ann

Wednesday, 17 April 2019

A Terrible Thing Has Happened (No one has died)

2.5 days ago I went into the building 20 minutes after feeding the puppies to pick up their dishes.  I saw Miss Pink was sitting strangely.  Her left right leg was straight out.  I went over and picked her up and she was her usual happy, tail wagging self.  I put her back down and off she ran with a stilted kind of gate.  Since she wasn't in pain, I thought maybe she'd pulled a muscle slightly or maybe another puppy had bitten her leg.  By the evening, her leg did not seem to be better and she seemed to be weak in her back end.  After so many hours, I thought if it was something minor, it would have corrected itself by now.  I then started worrying about more serious things like broken legs or dislocations.  But there wasn't any pain.  How could that be?  I was horrified to think there was no pain because there was nerve damage so I pinch her toes.  Yup!  There's feeling and she pulled her leg up and away from me.  There wasn't much I could do for her that night and she seemed in good spirits so I left her with her brothers and sisters.  I called the next morning for a vet appointment but there wasn't a single vet in the area that could fit me in.  I had to wait until yesterday afternoon to get in.  They took x-rays and found that poor Miss Pink had a trauma related dislocation of her hip!!  I've been crying ever since!  There are no good options.  Either surgery (and possibly more than one) for thousands of dollars with no assurance it will work because she is so young, or …

I have just been going out of my mind!  Crying like a baby! The only thing I can think of is Maya accidentally stepped on her as she was jumping into their enclosure.  She is always so careful about where she lands.  She always looks over before jumping and then adjusts her body angle so as to miss the puppies who may be on the other side.  So if that's what happened, it was just a freak accident.  

I've done nothing but care for her for the last two days.  My apologies for the phone calls and emails I haven't returned.  I will get back to those asap.  And my most sincere apologies to Bob who was supposed to come and see the dogs today.  I TOTALLY  forgot all about it!  Thank you so much for your understanding.  I also apologize for my breaking down on the phone.  Just what a guy wants to hear!  A woman crying on the other end!!  Sorry Bob!

Please send prayers and good thoughts our way.  I'm still trying to find alternatives.

Mary Ann
                                                                coming out of anaesthetic 

Sunday, 14 April 2019

Vitamin C and Hip Dysplasia

The puppies are receiving 1500mg of vitamin C/day included in their meals. I strongly suggest you do research on Vitamin C and Hip Dysplasia. I give all my dogs Vit C in moderate amounts with their food for their entire life. Do your research and decide if you want to do the same.

Saturday, 13 April 2019

Outdoor Deck Enclosure

I had a great idea yesterday! There is a deck on the South side of the puppy building. Why don't we put up some chain link and the puppies can utilize the dog door and soak up the Spring sunshine! And voila! There it is! Next sunny day, the puppies will be able to utilize the deck! And since it's covered, it won't bother them if there are April showers!

New Toys

Slide and a rock wall! Flat on the floor to start but will get higher as the weeks go by. They have no depth perception yet so this will help them with that.

Notice several puppies sleeping inside the crate. This will help them when they go to their new homes. A crate is a place of safety and relaxation.

Brotherly love.

Or is that sisterly?

My YouTube Channels!

Don't forget I have a Guardian Angel Shepherds YouTube channel! Just type in "Guardian Angel Shepherds" in the search box on the top of the YouTube main page. Then be sure to subscribe and hit the bell to get notified of all new videos as they come out. There is also the very beginnings of an educational channel for all things canine. It's under the name "K9 Partnership". It will show you how to trim nails, give pills, which brushes work and why. I will be adding to that channel as I can but it's all great things to know. And again, don't forget to like and subscribe!

Mary Ann

Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Starting her tracking career early!

Contact Info Missing

There have been a few people inquiring about puppies that have either forgotten to leave their contact info with me, had the contact info bleeped out partially by their cell phones or my answering machine, or someone has left the wrong number to return the call (Dave). If you have sent a message in the past few weeks and not heard from me, you may be one of those people. Please call or email and as soon as I get your contact information I will get back to you as soon as possible.

Mary Ann

Monday, 8 April 2019

It’s a big, big world

Puppies are starting their individual walks outside. First we start with outdoor group walks with Mom. Then groups without Mom. And now we are at individual with Mom. Next will be individual walks without Mom. Takes a long time to walk 11 puppies!

Saturday, 6 April 2019

Security Camera View

Moving Day!

The pups have graduated to their new building! Lots of room to run and play and build their muscles. I have a security camera on 24/7 and Alexa is still adding music and sounds to their every day lives. They listen to classical, pop, & country as well as trains, rush hour, and other mechanical sounds. And just to keep things balanced, rain/thunder storms, chickens, cattle, birds and a myriad of other nature sounds. All a part of our puppy program at GUARDIAN ANGEL SHEPHERDS. It has been proven that early learning is invaluable to the puppy and helps it deal with stress later in life. The puppies are much better at problem solving and quicker to learn. When they leave here, they've already been taught how to learn. It doesn't get any better than that! There is no other kennel that I know of, that puts in that kind of time & effort to create the best possible dogs a family could have!

I want to say a quick thank you to Meagan for all her help today. It would have been at least a few more days before the pups could graduate to a larger enclosure if it hadn't been for all her help.

Wednesday, 27 March 2019

New Digs

The puppies have graduated out of the whelping box and into the exercise pen (x-pen). I usually wait another few days when they start escaping the confines of the box but there are so many puppies, Maya can't find a place to lay down any more! An x-pen is something I suggest all new puppy owners purchase. It allows the new puppy a place to have some freedom but keeps them safe from electric cords, poisonous plants etc. And also prevents chewing on the furniture and disappearing into another room for a quick pee while nobody's looking.

An x-pen is big enough for toys, food and water dishes, and a bed, as well as an area for elimination if need be. And some come with "Dutch doors" which can be handy in some situations.

Saturday, 23 March 2019

The next stage

Now the pups are old enough to regulate their own heat. This means Maya can come and go from the whelping room whenever she pleases. This half door on the exercise pen prevents the older dogs from going in but let's her come and go.