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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Buyer Beware!

Someone pretending to sell MY puppies!  Unbelievable!

Monday, 11 June 2012

Jack just turned 4!

Jack's birthday has just come and gone.  I can't believe he's 4 years old already.  Seems like no more than two years since he was here!

He still acts like a pup.  But a pup with manners!  The best of both worlds!  He plays with Cruz, all day long.  They chase each other around and around until I'm exhausted!

Jack is still looking for his new forever home.  These are the things I now know about Jack.  The good and the bad.

We'll start with the "bad" because there's really not much and it's really not BAD.

Jack is nice to cats who stay still but he'll chase cats that run.

Jack was raised with an 8 year old and a 12 year old but gets excited around small screaming children.  This can be fixed with some exposure.

Jack received all his shots until his 3rd birthday.  After receiving those innoculations, his immune system crashed.  It is recommended that he never be given anymore shots.  The only remnants of his ordeal is that he developed food allergies.  He has been given both raw food and Acana kibble without grains and done fine on both.  Apparently chicken is a no-no as well.  So no grains, and no chicken.  Sounds easy enough.

Now!  All the good things about Jack! 

He doesn't jump on people.  He doesn't jump on the back door.  He doesn't beg at the table.  He doesn't pull on the leash.  He doesn't pee in the house.  He doesn't bark incessantly.  He doesn't get up on the furniture.

He does come when he's called.  He does obey all basic commands.  He does bark when people arrive.  He does greet people in a friendly manner. He does settle down in the house. He does enjoy his meals.  He does like treats.  He does like water.  He does like cats that don't run.  He does like other dogs.
He is absolutely gorgeous.  The pictures do not do him justice.  The red in his coat is just stunning and it is all through it.  I've never seen one of my dogs with his coloring.  He is very unique.

Jack is very gentle. He is easily trained and not a dominant dog.  He just doesn't have a mean bone in  his body.  He has the same temperament as his brother who belongs to my daughter's family.  You couldn't ask for a better dog.  Any one who gets him will be very lucky.

I have uploaded a video of him on You Tube here.

Jack is not a rescue looking for a home.  He is being sold as a trained dog.  His price is $1000.  The price will go up $1500/month for every month of professional training he gets, to a maximum of $5000.  His original purchase price at 8 weeks olds was $2300. 

If you are interested in Jack, you can contact me at 403-556-3635 or

Monday, 4 June 2012


SCAM Halifax Kijiji Ad

Many thanks to Petrina for telling me about this ad!!  They even have names for all the puppies!!!  How scarey it is to see things like this.  This picture is about 15 years old!  Most of those puppies have gone on to better places.  I can't believe people.  This is why I spend more time with dogs than people.

Thanks again Petrina!  If it wasn't for you, I'd have never known.