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Wednesday, 25 October 2017

Finally finished the first side!

For those of you who have noticed a distinct lack of emails lately it's because we are putting a major push on getting the new dog fence erected.   

For those who have been here you will have noticed that Merlin's fence was a patchwork quilt of repairs. Something I was always embarrassed about. That yard was built over 30 years ago and has been housing different dogs throughout that time. Some leave the fence alone while others make it their mission in life to destroy it!

So I am EXCEEDINGLY HAPPY to tell you that it has all been replaced with brand new fencing!  Woohoo!!  A safe fence for dogs on both sides. I no longer have to be embarrassed. Slowly but surely we tackle the jobs one by one. There is still other fence I'd like to replace before winter hits but now I need to stop and catch up with my emails. I wish there was two of me!!

Mary Ann

Saturday, 7 October 2017

Comparisons of German Shepherds, Then and Now

To anyone interested in German Shepherds, this is a must read website and if her book wasn't sold out I'd tell you to get her book too!  Linda Shaw does an AMAZING job of illustrating what a German Shepherd SHOULD look like compared to what many look like now.  I find it fascinating to see the skeleton overlaid on current Sieger and Siegerins (Conformation Champions) and then overlaid on structurally accurate working line German Shepherds.  I hope you enjoy it too!  Don't be afraid to comment!  Your comment does not show up right away but it will show up within 24 hours so feel free!

Here is her website.  ENJOY!

Mary Ann

PS  Thank you to Julie for reminding me!