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Sunday, 12 May 2013

Puppies & teething

I received this from one of my new puppy owners. Sounds like an interesting idea. Be sure not to leave them alone with it though.

I thought I would pass this tip along, as Alenka is teething and has a sore mouth and I thought maybe her siblings would be too. This keeps her occupied for at least 2 hours!
Take cotton rope 6to8 ft long , you can get it in the boat section at canadian tire. Cotton works best DO NOT USE YELLOW NYLON ROPE!
Soak the rope over night in water or if your feeling generous you can disolve an oxo cube in the water.
In the morning squeeze out as much liquid as you can. Then put 6 or 8 loose knots in the rope.
I then put peanut butter in the holes in the knots, I buy sugar free and salt free peanut butter.
THen I put this in the freezer, once it is frozen or semi frozen I give it to her.
This is cheap enough too that if you have more than one dog you can make several to keep everyone happy or make several to have on hand as the puppy chews through them.
Some dogs can get cotton rope apart so I would not recomend leaving them alone to long with it.
Let me know if anyone finds this helpful I know I do, some days she is so busy and this is something to keep her occupied while I get other stuff done.
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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Ear up! No, down. No UP!

Bear with one ear up.

Bear with sore teeth

Bear feeling a little better!

At this age, the puppies ears are up and down.  It all depends on how sore their mouths are from teething.  Give your pups ice cubes to chew on and frozen weiner pieces as treats.  Take a raw bone, place it in a freezer bag and leave it in the freezer for a few hours.  Let the pup chew on it until they get tired, then put it back in the bag and back into the freezer.  All that cool chewing will help them feel better.
You can also give the pups chondroitin sulphate and glucosamine to help their ears stand up.  It's good for the cartilage in your joints but it's also good for the cartilage in their ears!  One capsule a day will help them have strong ears.  Be sure not to rub them too much or let your other dog chew on them!  Lots of chewing action, supplements, puppy food with calcium and you'll get those ears to perk up beautifully!