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Saturday, 4 July 2015

Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Introducing Rommel!

He's here! Tyjak's Von Rommel Roy! My new stud dog! Many of you wanted a black & tan puppy and here's my new sire that will accommodate you! And he has no black genetics which means he will ALWAYS produce B/T puppies! I have been looking for just the right pedigree for two years & he's finally here! He has the most gorgeous red and black coat you've ever seen! He is absolutely stunning!

Things are finally looking up at Guardian Angel Shepherds! We've been going thru some really hard times & I'm so grateful to all of you who have persevered with me. Your patience means so much to me. It brings me to tears. Happy tears this time. There's been many sad but not anymore.

I have also purchased from Belgium a B/T female which hopefully will be here in the next few weeks. She's two years old and passed all of her health certifications and has two titles on her already. She is Black and Tan but also carries the black gene. What that means is if she is bred to a black or sable male she will have half black and tans and half blacks or sables. Either way we will be having black and tan puppies again! Yay!

I am now in the process of starting to integrate Rommel into the pack. He just arrived yesterday and today he was introduced to Cruz and everything went extremely well. Here are some pictures.