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Wednesday, 19 May 2021

Remote Dog Lessons - K9 Partners

My dog obedience club, Eagle Hill Obedience, has been shut down since March of 2020. I am launching a remote learning company called "K9 Partners". Anyone who is interested in remote lessons via ZOOM or telephone can email me at to arrange a date and time. Lessons will be private, one on one, for 1 hour. Introductory price is $95/hr. Lessons can cover anything from problem solving, to obedience, to management, to problem prevention. You can ask questions for the whole hour. You, decide how the lesson proceeds. Generally speaking, one lesson gives you all the education you need to fix most problems. The Puppy Kindergarten Course can be accomplished in 2 lessons and a Beginners Course can be accomplished in 2-3 depending on how much time you have to work at home. Payments are made using emoney transfers. Why come to me? I have over 40 years experience in training dogs. I've owned my own obedience club for almost 30 years and I have taught Veterinary Technicians at Olds College both dog obedience and behaviour for 10 years. I spend on average $2500/year on taking training seminars on learning new techniques for training both dogs and humans. I will never stop learning! And neither should you! Email me today at Let's get that problem solved today!

Monday, 10 May 2021


Gaia after a hard day of playing with toys and chewing on bones.

Wednesday, 5 May 2021

Emotional Support Dog - Cal!

Hello Mary Ann, 

When Cal was just a puppy we ordered him a collar that came with an unexpected branding. “Emotional Support” said the removable velcro tab. We though it was cute at the time but now more than 2 years later, we can see what an omen it was… 
Cal has recently turned 3 years old and so has our marriage. We were married in Reykjavik in the spring of 2018 only week or so before heading straight from the airport to the farm to pick up Calibre on our way to our new home in BC. This is how Calibre came to grow alongside our new marriage. We we're nervous and excited when we picked him up  but did not comprehend the shear magnitude of the endeavour before us. A new marriage is hard and raising a puppy (to ours and Mary Ann’s standards) is challenging but the rewards have been astronomical to say the least. All of our hard work has been returned to us ten fold as our family settles into a life of trust and loving together as a unit. Calibre found his job in our family and became the peacekeeper that enabled our family to settle\\\\\ into routines,  compromises and understandings with calmness, grace and ease. He manages the vibe in our household with the same commitment we manage his training. It’s really something spectacular, our friends and family have been amazed. If any kind of tension arrises in anyones voice or even a frustrated breath out Cal will emerge from his kennel instantly and calmly sit beside the offending person (showing no signs of agitation himself). In a composed but stern fashion he will hold space for that person until the negative energy dissipates (mostly this only takes a few moments as his energy is so soothing) he then wanders off to lay down again with an absolutely hilarious annoyed “huff". The tension in the house breaks immediately and the vibration raises to joy and laughter. This can happen with even the SLIGHTEST hint of sarcasm in ones voice… it is nothing short of amazing. It has allowed our household to mature into one of peace and serenity and I sometimes wonder how many years it may have taken us to achieve this without him, if at all! Especially in these recent trying times we have been living in, the world can feel very unpredictable but our home feels a place of stability, a world of rules, boundaries and limitations for everyone. With the pronominal amounts of stress and uncertainty these trying times have brought everyone we credit Calibre as our Guardian Angel allowing our young marriage to wether the storm, we could not be more grateful Mary Ann,

With love,

Amelia, David & Cal

Tuesday, 13 April 2021

Dugan & Judy SAR

Looked back and found this photo taken years ago.  Dugan in his prime.  I think he had just started his cadaver training at this point.

Dugan - Retired SAR Cadaver Dog

Here is just one of my puppies who made his mark in Search & Rescue.  He is 9 years old and retired now but he spent his life in service of others.  I'm  very proud of Dugan and Judy for all the hard work and dedication they put in!

Mary Ann

Saturday, 13 March 2021

Another Happy Family - Reference

Hi Mary Ann
Have you ever scene a more perfect dog and that is just her looks.She IS the perfect dog for us in any case. People stop us just to look at her.She poses for them.Many ask where in the world we got her, we should carry a bunch of your cards with us. She is calm by nature but can turn it in when required. She is extremely curious but cautious and brave.She uses her head to assess situations before moving ahead.She is happy now riding in vehicles and getting in and out.Don't know what her initial hesitancy was all about we pressed our 26 year old van back into service and she was cool with that then she graduated to other vehicles.She nine months old and  just over 60 Lbs. She is in heat! We expect a line up of male dogs sporting flowers and chocolates at the door when we take her out to pee.The Vet recommended letting her have at least one heat cycle before spaying her.
Hope all is well with you and the gang.