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Monday, 9 May 2022

Muddy dogs!

Back from a walk. Mud, Messy, Mayhem and Muck!

Mary Ann

Saturday, 7 May 2022

Puppies are so cute!

This is a link to a short video that was taken a few years ago on this day.

Mary Ann

Sunday, 1 May 2022

Saturday, 23 April 2022

Bet you didn't know this about washing your dog!


It's that time of year that our furry friends start shedding!  Badly!  What can you do to hasten the process? Give them a bath!  The warm water help loosen the hair of their undercoat and promotes faster shedding. There won't be any less hair, but I promise, it will come out in a week, instead of 4 weeks!  The key is to make sure you brush your dog every day for a week after he's had his bath.  By the end of the week, he will have lost all his winter undercoat and he can now get on with the summer side of life!

But how do you properly wash your dog?  Yes, there is a right way.  I'm not a groomer but I have washed hundreds of dogs.  As a matter of fact I'm about to wash Hawk to get him ready for the show on Mother's Day weekend!

The first thing you want to do is brush your dog.  Get out any matts or clumps of mud before you start.  Next, get everything you need beside the tub.  Towels, shampoo, leash, hair dryer etc.  Since I'm not as young as I used to be, I use the towels to kneel on when I bath the dog.   If possible, have a shower head that you can turn on and off with a push button on the sprayer.  This will save a lot of water while you are soaping the dog.  The water should be warm but not too warm.  A comfortable bath temperature for us would be much too hot for a dog.  If your shampoo is condensed (most good shampoos are) be sure to have it ready to go in a container before your dog gets into the tub.  If your dog is not appreciative of baths, I suggest you put a leash on her so she doesn't jump out of the bathtub.  Hopefully, you've been desensitizing your dog to the bathtub prior to bathing by tossing toys and balls into the tub.  This should make it easy to ask your dog to jump in.  

Once inside, you should be able to turn the shower head on and it should already be at the right temperature.  Start by allowing the dog to feel it on her feet and legs so it doesn't surprise her.  Once she's used to it, start by wetting her all around her neck, then down her back and eventually her chest and belly. At this point you can stop the water and grab the shampoo.  Now here's the important part that you may not know.  Suds up her neck all the way around.  Especially if you are using flea shampoo!  If your dog happens to have little critters hitching a ride, the first thing they do is run upward!  They run upward and then hide inside your dogs ears!  GROSS!  Poor dog!  If you make a ring of water, then a ring of shampoo around her neck, it will prevent them from getting away.  Bye bye critters!

Now it should be straight forward.  Shampoo and rinse the rest of the dog.  Be careful not to get any water in her ears or soap in her eyes.  I wash their face with a wet face cloth to prevent problems.  Once the dog is rinsed, then rinse again.  Make sure that ALL the shampoo has been washed away or it could cause sores on your dog.  And to stop your dog from shaking and getting you and your whole bathroom wet, stick your finger in her ear when she looks like she's about to shake.  I think it just makes them think about something else.  But it almost always works.  Saves a lot of clean up time!

Once she's well rinsed, I close the shower curtain and let her shake.  This saves on the amount of towels you need to dry her.  Once she's finished shaking, I dry her with the first towel as she stands in the tub.  Once most of the water is off, I allow her to jump out of the tub and dry her with the second towel.  If you plan on using a dryer, make sure that you have desensitized her to it beforehand.  If you've done that, you're well on your way to getting finished.  It isn't necessary to blow dry them.  I have often pinned a large towel on them and put them in a crate to finish drying.  The towel prevents that extra fuzzy look they get after a bath.  But some people like that so it's totally up to you!  Be sure to keep your dog warm until she's completely dry.  Depending on the kind of coat, this could take several hours.  Just run your fingers through her coat to check for dampness before you let her outside.

And that's it!  Good luck with your Spring time bath!  

Gypsy Lee's DNA Results! 100% CLEAR!

 Gypsy Lee's DNA Results

Not only is Gypsy Lee's DNA results clear of over 200 genetic faults, I'm incredibly proud to tell you that EVERY dog I have bred that is currently in my breeding program is 100% clear!  I suggest you ask other breeders you are looking into whether they can say the same!  Most don't bother to DNA test at all, let alone be able to say that all home bred stock are 100% clear!  I couldn't be more proud!

Thursday, 14 April 2022

He’s a Czech police dog!

This is Hawk's father. Very handsome boy!  Just like his son!

Mary Ann

Saturday, 9 April 2022

Trinity's DNA results are back!


Trinity's DNA results have come back 100% ALL CLEAR!!   Over 200 potential genetic problems tested for and 11 that are pre-disposed to the German Shepherd Dog breed.  ALL CLEAR!!

Click here for Trinity's results

I'm so incredibly proud of all my dogs.  It just doesn't get any better than this!

The Blessings of Freedom!


This is Gaia and Hawk, heading for... the North Pole?  As you can see, they certainly have no intention of slowing down or making sure we are close behind.  How can I allow them their freedom to run and play as fast as they can go without worry?  E-collars.  Yes, I use ecollars.  And why wouldn't I if I can let me dogs have the freedom they deserve?  

If you are against ecollars, I would ask that you would research them.  But don't go to people who know nothing about dogs or how to train them!  Look up the most accomplished trainers in the world and learn from them!  e.g. THE TRUTH ABOUT E-COLLARS IN DOG TRAINING || Ivan Balabanov debunks the myths surrounding e-collars           Ivan Balabanov who has won 14 National Championships and 2 WORLD Championships.  Look how happy his dogs are!  Look how happy MY dogs are!  Any tool can be mis-used.  It's the people who use the tool incorrectly who cause the problems. I LOVE that all my dogs can enjoy life without having to be on a 4-6 foot leash the rest of their lives.  If I said cars are bad because people drive too fast and cause accidents and death, would you condemn the car, or the person driving.  Same goes for the e-collar.  

Can you trust your dog to come back EVERY time?  I can.  I don't think they heard me the first time I called.  Did I use the ecollar?  No.  I increased the volume of my voice.  As a matter of fact, I hardly use the ecollars at all.  Once the dog is trained, he's trained.  But if he forgets momentarily, a low stimulation will remind him to come back.  And I'm talking 6/100.  Below is a picture of a Momma moose and her yearling calf, about 400 yards from where this video was taken.  Imagine the potentially awful scene of dogs going after a baby moose and Momma is close by.  Death could have incurred on both the dogs side and the baby moose side.  But it didn't.  Thanks to the ecollar.  Not that I used it.  I saw the moose, I called the dogs (there were 3 with me that day) and we headed in another direction.  No big deal.

I've seldom mentioned the use of ecollars previous to this.  I've never wanted the hassle of dealing with uneducated people.  But I've come to realize, if the people who use the collars correctly, don't educate the people, who will?  

Those who know me and know my dogs, can verify that each and every one of my dogs are cared for and loved like family.  No expense spared.  They deserve the freedom that an ecollar provides.  So before you attack me, educate yourself.  And if you are having problems with recall (or other things) maybe, just maybe, consider PROPERLY using an ecollar for your dog and give him/her the freedom he/she deserves.

PS.  If you have legitimate questions with no attitude, I will be happy to answer.  If you do nothing but attack me without doing your research, you will be ignored.

Mark, Fey and Zeus in Kananaskis Country

 Last weekend we headed out to K country for some fresh air and exercise!  Fey sure had an exciting time checking out all the new smells!  Socialization 101!  Some of you might be wondering when socializing stops?  It never stops.  There's a great big huge world out there to discover!  👍

These are MY puppies paw prints I had tattooed on my neck!

 This is the actual puppy prints of some of my puppies taken at 6 weeks old.  You can see that they are not perfect paw prints like you would normally see.  I took an old fashioned ink pad and pressed the puppies' paws into the ink, then onto some paper.  I've been wanting to do this for a very long time!  Hair up, I show them off!  Hair down, they disappear!