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Thursday, 24 September 2020


 Hi Mary Ann, 
We thought we would give another update on our beautiful Sadie!! She’s doing so great, she’s AMAZING with my children, I don’t think we could have asked for a better fit! She’s really learning things so well, still working hard on not jumping up on you when she’s excited but other than that she’s really doing so awesome! She’s learned to open the door handles to bathrooms and bedrooms in our house lol so there’s no keeping her out! 🤣 auld have asked for a better fit! She’s really learning things so well, still working hard Hope all is well!! 
Melissa Kirkendal

Rex is in Alaska!

 I am pleased to announce:  Big boy Rex has found his forever home in Alaska!  He drove from central Alberta, all the way to beautiful Alaska.  Well, HE didn't drive, he was a passenger.  😊  He has two companions, an elder Lab and another Guardian Angel Shepherd by the name of Emmie.  Emmie is 3.5 years old and they are obviously feeling like family already!  

Congratulations Rex on finding your new forever home!

                                                            Sure can tell they are Guardian Angel Shepherds!
                                                             Can you tell which is Emmie and which is Rex?

Monday, 21 September 2020

A word about socialization

 And that word is TRUST.  

Most people think of socialization as getting your dog used to people and other dogs.  Although that is definitely part of socialization, it is far from being the only things.  

Think of socialization like this.  Does my dog TRUST me to walk him over the fallen chainlink fence on the grass?  Does my dog TRUST me enough to walk by that running motorcycle? Does my dog TRUST me enough to protect him from that scary dog?  Does my dog TRUST me to walk through that group of loud humans?  Get the idea?

If your dog trusts you to be kind and gentle and help him through difficult times, then when he becomes an adult (mentally), you will have the best dog your dog can be.  I say mentally an adult because socialization does not stop of 16 weeks or maybe even 16 months!  It really depends on your dog.  Would you let your four year old child navigate the world without your help?  Or your 16 year old teenager drive just because they think they can?  Think of your dog as 1 month = 1 human year.  Until they have reached 24 months old.  Just like humans, dogs need direction and education.  Don't stop socializing until you can honestly say that your dog can handle things on their own.  Just one bad experience as a child, can alter that person's perception of the world forever.  And the same goes with your dog.  Be careful with your dog until he has learned how to handle stressful situations on his own.  Is that really too much to ask for a lifetime of loyalty?

I am seeing more and more dogs with juvenile fear and aggression and I think the reason is people expect too much, too quickly.  It is the number one reason people call me for help.  Build that relationship with your dog so he feels you've got his back, no matter what.  

TRUST is earned, it can't be demanded.  Allow your dog to make mistakes without getting mad.  Instead, go back two steps in his training and help him understand.  If you've lost his trust, it can be regained in time.  Don't rush him to grow up.  Instead, help him to grow up!

Gaia Update

 For a dog with a broken leg, she's doing really well!  I can't believe how tough these dogs are.  To their detriment I might add!  She would still like to run and play and wrestle with her half sister if I would let her.  I'm still waiting to hear from the surgeon but no news of an appointment at this point.

Thank you all who have sent best wishes!  I was overwhelmed by your kindness!  Not only from my Guardian Angel Family but from people I've never met or talked to before.  It truly blows me away the kindness of people.  In a time when things seem so troubling, it is wonderful to know that the majority of people out there are so kind and generous.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Thursday, 17 September 2020


Really Bad News

Gaia's broken leg will cost in excess of $8000 with no guarantees. She is only just turned a year old! No insurance on her. Have it on her Mom, Rommel and her half sister Gypsy but I can't afford to have it on all the dogs. Who do you pick?!

This is the worst news.