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Saturday, 22 February 2014

Dog Food

I was just preparing some of my dogs' dinner and thought you might like to see what goes into it. On the left is a bag of ground up elk & deer. These are trimmings that would normally just be thrown out. I've spent many days collecting it off of the bones to feed later in the winter. There's organic apples organic spinach, free run eggs, and carrots. I add to that wild salmon fish oil, kelp, and a vitamin supplement. Depending on if the meat content has any crushed bone within it I may have to add calcium via bonemeal to the dish. The recipe may change season to season but that's what they're getting right now.

Monday, 10 February 2014

Cheetah needs a home!

This is Cheetah. Cheetah was kept hoping there was possibility of her being added to my breeding program. As you can see from her left ear, she unfortunately did not make the cut. Unfortunately I have to try and use my business brain and not my dog loving heart and find a new home for Cheetah.

She is two years old. Has lots of energy but will also lie by the fire if you so require. Her cost is $2500 untrained or $3500 with a month of training on her.