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Tuesday, 14 August 2012

A Day Off!

Things have been busy here at Guardian Angel Shepherds.  When you have 11 Shepherds to feed, exercise, train and generally care for, it keeps me from boredom!  I do take a day off here and there but it always includes a minimum of 2 of my 4 legged family.  The pictures below are of Merlin and Cruz ejoying a day at the beach.  Just me and my dogs.  What a peaceful, wonderful time we had.  We ventured into Kananaskis country without having a particular destination.  When I saw the lake appear before us, I knew that was where we were going to stop. 

It's pretty hard to play fetch in the water while on leash (even a long one) so we did the best we could.  Kananaskis has an on-leash policy and we follow that 100% of the time.  Unlike SOME people!!  (Sorry, before I digress further...)

I thought taking an older dog with a younger dog would help with learning the swimming process.  Merlin is the older, Cruz the younger.  Turns out, it was the other way around!  Apparently Merlin's younger life in Czechoslovakia did not include swimming!  Cruz on the other hand, jumped right in!  I kept the throws close to shore but she did actually swim a time or two.  Merlin, wasn't so keen.  As soon as the water touched his belly, that was it. 

We walked on the beach and found a spring.  It's so amazing to see water just bubbling out of the ground all by itself.  We are so used to pipes, and tanks and all the fancy things that go along with our water systems that you forget there are miraculous things where water just appears!  It was very cool.  The dogs didn't seem to care much though.  8-)

We spent the whole day there, enjoying the solitude at times and people watching at others.  What a great way to recharge your batteries.