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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Hounds of Glory

If you get a chance, watch the documentary "Hounds Of Glory". Awesome show on the bomb dogs in Afghanistan. I was hoping to see my dog "Liberty" but no such luck. But, although I have no proof, I can tell you that the dog "Zoro" is related. She looks just like Justice. A real family resemblance!

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Saturday, 16 November 2013


It's getting how cold tonight?!

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Pedigree of the new litter

Mary Ann
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Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Friday, 1 November 2013

Alone Time

If you have more than one dog it is absolutely critical that you have each dog spend some time alone. If you don't do this you will have a puppy that is overly dependent on your adult dog.

It is also important to have your puppy have some alone time even if he is your only dog. He must learn that he can survive short periods of time by himself now so that he can be a big strong courageous German Shepherd when he becomes an adult.

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Monday, 14 October 2013

Friday, 11 October 2013


Some of the puppies are heading to their new homes this weekend!  The questions have been:  What do I need before I pick up my puppy and what should I bring with me?
At home you should have a small crate or a large crate with a divider in it.  If the crate is too big, they will feel they can relieve themselves at one end and sleep at another.  If you have a large crate, put a plastic milk crate at one end to prevent the puppy from using the large area.  You will need puppy food.  I am using GO! Fit & Free for puppies.  No Grains, No Soy etc.  It is in a black bag with a lime green/yellow area.  Since Royal Canin changed their recipe from chicken meal to chicken by product meal, I am searching for a new food.  GO! is okay so far but I'm still looking.
Mary Ann
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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Aptitude Tests Done!

I keep calling it Temperament Test and that's not correct. Temperament is a combination of inherent genetics & life experiences. The aptitude test is to determine what the puppy is going to be suited to. Family Protecter, Drug Dog, Search & Rescue etc.

Now that the data is in, I will go thru the results & match puppy to people!

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Monday, 7 October 2013

Temperament testing

Today & tomorrow is temperament testing. I'll let you know the result ASAP.

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Sunday, 6 October 2013

Dates for Picking Up Puppies

The puppies are ready to go home Thanksgiving Weekend. All my new puppy owners need to call/email me to make arrangements to pick up your puppy between Friday Oct 11th & Monday Oct 14th.

Only a few days left!!


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Friday, 4 October 2013

Clean Bill of Health!

The vet has come & gone & given all the puppies a clean bill of health!! Yippee! The next step is the Temperament Test!

Best Listen To Mom!

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Thursday, 3 October 2013

New Video Up

Just uploaded a short video to YouTube on my channel. It's called the Quiet of the Country. Check it out!

Also the vet is coming out tomorrow to give them their first set of shots, to deworm, microchip and vet check everybody. It will be a busy day!

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Mr White

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Moving Day

Today was the day the puppies graduated to going outside into the kennel. Pictures aren't that great but it was the end of the day and I'm off to my dog club.

Monday, 23 September 2013

Love this photo!

This was sent to me by one of my puppy owners. They had one of my dogs and came back for another one. This picture is what my Angels are all about. In the middle seat is a brand new baby! I don't think anyone is going to bother the baby!

Saturday, 21 September 2013

Artistic Puppy

I've just taken new pictures of the puppies.  I'll be working on getting them up on the website tonight.  Here's one to wet your appetite!
Mary Ann
Proud to Provide K9 Partners for Life

Friday, 20 September 2013

Before & After

Looking for a way to clean all those toys you find laying around the yard? Throw them in the washing machine with an old towel!

Monday, 16 September 2013

A new video!

I don't seem to have any luck putting videos on the blog so Check out my channel on YouTube it's called Mary Ann Marcellus. My most recent video is called "playing and fighting, already".

I have approximately 30 videos on there for your enjoyment. Let me know what you think.


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Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Finally! Here they are!

Breakfast! For who?

I was making my oatmeal porridge this morning and realized when I put it down beside my puppy breakfast that I might not be able to tell which one was which!

Friday, 6 September 2013

Mr Blue

This is Mr Blue. He is the smallest of the bunch. Although he's smaller, he fends for himself just fine. Everybody's eyes and ears are now open. They've been listening to classical music for the past week. As the weeks go on, they will be introduced to every kind of music under the sun!

Monday, 2 September 2013

Thursday, 22 August 2013

Almost a Week Old!

I can't believe that the puppies are almost a week old!  It's been extremely busy since they arrived.  Feeding Mr. Yellow every two hours 24 hours a day has taken it's toll on me.  And despite my best efforts, Mr Yellow did not make it.  I believe I should do the best I can do but I won't pull out all the stops to save a puppy that will not have a good life.  This is what makes being a breeder so difficult.  I become very attached to the pups who need a little more TLC to get going.  Mr. Yellow was one of those pups.  He fought and fought and as long as he wanted to live, I was going to help him.  But yesterday the light in his eyes had faded and I knew he had given up.  Despite that, I continued to feed him until he no longer had the strength.  At that point, I made him as comfortable as possible and waited for the inevitable.  I cry like a baby for every life that dies in my arms.  I will never get used to that.  And if I do, that's when I should no longer be a breeder.

The first puppy arrived at 10:30AM and the last arrived at 5:00AM.  That makes for a very long day and night.  We  have 7 males and 1 female.  There are 4 sables and 5 blacks.  They are averaging about a 25-50 gram weight increase daily.  Their weights range from 386 grams to 692 grams.  A larger than normal range.  We have Mr.(s) Red, Blue, Light Blue, White, Light Green, Navy Blue, Dark Green and Miss Pink.  Pictures to follow soon!

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Guardian Angel "Angus" needs a new home. Can you help?

Angus can…


Sit – Angus is encouraged by primary trainer to sit whenever he wants anything: to go outside, to get dinner, to get into the car.  He must hold that sit until told “let’s go.” Works for primary trainer like a charm at home and if walking outside Walmart and parking lots. No treats needed now. Does super with hand signal. We use it more than the word “sit.”

Harder if excited like at doggy daycare but will do it before entering and leaving daycare! My rule is I get to go first through door. Sometimes we do fun “sit games” with treats like walk/run backwards quickly around island, acreage, halls etc so that Angus follows. When I stop, he stops and sits in front without being told. Treat. Great fun.

Relax – This is his “down.” He knows the word well and it works even better if saying it quietly. He knows the hand signal (same as ‘down’). Relax is his default position…if in the kitchen while supper being prepped,  if waiting for the older dog to come inside the house with the door open, if waiting outside Walmart watching scads of people go by, if  I ask him to take a break and “relax” while playing with a friend’s dog,  if politely waiting for me to get to that last cheesie so I’ll share it….

Trade – If he takes something he shouldn’t he’s very good at trading if you don’t show him the trade item first (eg keep behind your back). Quite often I just call him to me for the trade and I get excited when he brings me whatever he has. If someone has yelled at him that day for taking things, then I have to go to him to get the trade. Such is life with inconsistent training.

Break – When he and the other dog are playing and I want peace or just to have them calm down, I say “break” and calmly head to the kitchen. He looks up and comes flying to be with me. This breaks their play and brings them to me for a treat.  Only on occasion do I have to pick up the pace and jog to the kitchen.  (I jogged originally when training him for this as I had to be at least as fun as the other dog. Now it is just conditioning in our home for both dogs to stop and look up and follow me when they hear “break”.)

Leave it –  I use this extensively as it seems to boost his impulse control. Standard method:  food in hand or on his paw while laying down “relaxed”.   Say “Leave it.” He has to make eye contact and depending on the level of the distraction, hold it for a few seconds.  This is or was done in the following circumstances:

·      To train him to stay in a relaxed down a few feet from to our other dog who was eating (so Angus wouldn’t steal other dog’s food despite having his own full bowl). After a while, he’d just come lay in front of me whenever the older dog ate and remind me to train him. Now he just ignores the older dog’s food when he eats. Rarely do I need to do a one-time reinforcement with this.

·      To stop his  puppy petulance if he is jealous of other dog suddenly with a toy or something. 

·      To distract him before he gets over aroused if there is something of interest downstairs (extended family living there).  

·      Originally to train him to stay down and relaxed in front of open door while older slower dog came inside (so Angus didn’t pounce on older dog). No longer need  to use “leave it” for this as we just point to where we want Angus to “relax” while the older dog comes in. 

·      To distract him early if there is someone on front porch with visitors. This may an take 30 seconds then he’s bored or sees as no big deal or…during the flood there were angry yelling visitors upset with MD on our doorstop so we’d have to use longer and then when truly relaxed, move to playing ball etc.

·      While his open mouth hovers over my cheesies….he listens he knows he’ll eventually get one.

·      Lots of times do “just because” it is fun and he sure makes more eye contact.


Variation of “leave it” we sometimes use. On short leash with Angus sitting I toss a high value food out of reach of leash. Used to be that he went to the end of the leash to try to get it and would have to turn and make eye contact with me prior to me rewarding him with another treat. Now, the times we occasionally use this variation, Angus usually doesn’t go for the treat. He usually makes the eye contact for the reward, which may or may not be what is on the floor. 

Come – With a whistle and “Angus come.”  But don’t plan on it working if he is heading to the barn for the cats. Comes like a bat out of hell if in the house or playing “find me.” If outside and he doesn’t come, I  run away from him when I call him, not towards him and/or throw ball away from  him (eg. To get him to come if he’s too interested in the horses that day.)

Go to bed – Point to the bed or towel and give command. If a new towel, give reinforcement with voice or treat so he gets the idea with the new item. We used to uf

Walk – He can wow people doing loose leash in public parking lots (we’ve done parking lot socialization everywhere). Usually have a body halter on him but will take advantage of socializing opportunities like stopping at truck stop on way home from daycare with is normal collar. Walking in park, he needs more reminders to heel given the lure of smells (very scent oriented and will track cats). He knows the command “heel” and was taught by using a version of “touch it” but we don’t use it often.  (While on left side say “touch it” he touches my left hand, I treat.) In the past he had stopped behind my left heel and sat if I stopped walking; I haven’t reinforced lately.  I use a knot on end of leash (horse lead rope) as his “toy” if he needs distraction while on walk. He likes to carry in his mouth or chase if I Scooby it on the grass in a circle.

Enjoy noises – He loves noise. He is not afraid of any except for the marching band. He is rather attracted to noise and needs to check things out. Otherwise cares nothing about thunder, gunshot, pots dropping on floor  etc etc.  Easily sleeps in front of open window during our loudest thunder storms. 

Love Cars – He loves car rides. He falls asleep like a baby the ride is long (or earlier in the morning like to daycare).  Not fearful walking amongst them or crossing with loud traffic.  He is reactive with people and dogs outside the car unless given “good treats.” However, this did not work when he was in the car waiting at the kennels or if person is walking directly towards car with attention on Angus. Drive throughs were mastered with chicken when the voice came through box, chicken when paying person and chicken when collecting coffee. Took one week.  Then primary trainer could do it without treats.  However, behavior quickly reverted to growling or barking when addressed differently by others. 

Love kennels (once gets doggy friends) – he had a hoot at Kelly’s Kountry Kennels for 2 weeks.  See photos.  You can call Art to ask about him.   

Love doggy daycare – he’s been going 1-3 times a week since young and loves, loves, loves it.   

Ignore most unusual objects – He doesn’t much care about strange things or is oblivious to them. Occasionally a stare before dismisses the object. Quite frequently surprises me by not caring about things such as a 4 foot dealership flag flapping loudly in wind directly in his walking path one day. He just walked under it without caring it was there.

Sleep extremely well – Like a baby! He has been crate trained and sleeps like baby in it (by the bed).   The occasional night he sleeps beside the bed if the we need the kennel for our old dog (to calm our old dog during thunderstorms).  Angus doesn’t care about storms. Given the opportunity, he will sleep late in his kennel (eg. If you pee him once in-between he can sleep from 10 pm to 10 am if you are being lazy!!)

Ring bell to go outside -  He’s definitely house trained. No issues. “Go pee”  “Go poo” There is a bell rope on our back door he rings if desperate to get out. No house accidents since he’s been very very young before fully house trained with crate.

Look up for eye contact with a quick whistle:  He usually gives his attention if hears a short whistle or “shht”  if not overaroused.

Enjoys his favorites – belly rubs,, playing with our other dog, training, visits to walmart (not surprisingly as it was associated with Chicken), hide and seek “come” game inside and out (less outside now as he is too distracted and goes to barn to find cats), ice cubes (he can hear the freezer open in his sleep, I’m sure.), ball (alone, as possessive of this toy with other dogs).

Why Angus needs a new home:

Cats –  Angus needs a home either with no cats or one with cats and a consistent trainer.    Currently, his home has 4 cats  – two of the barn cats stalk and antagonize him. One barn cat has run down stairs to attack him. This increased his drive for the two house cats as well.  I normally spend considerable time in the barn but I have been unable to, despite continued tries and bringing in a home trainer. The barn cats antagonize him from the other side of the glass doors (smack and hiss at the doors, walk in rafters to jump on him) making the job worse.  Living with many adults and inconsistent expectations/training and access of barn cats to barn and house has increased the challenges and decreased the safety. At the vets, he has had introductions with their cat who sauntered over, let Angus smell him, and sauntered away. This bolstered my hope thinking it is just his relationship with our cats.   However, I do not have the skill, nor the consistent support, to address this at home.  There have been 3 cat incidences where Angus was the initiator (and yes, us humans could have done better; I’ll explain on phone if you are interested), and we are seeking to avoid more.

Strangers – From 14 weeks to 20 weeks Angus met about 100 people face to face (including 20 4H kids) with petting in our home or in doggy daycare (he still attends) or dog classes. At around 5 months of age he became very protective and reactive to strangers entering his home. I could have done more socialization and realized later that other adults in the house had used different techniques.  At this point, with different approaches used by extended family in the house (including seniors with new medical conditions), visiting “stranger” seniors bringing furniture and house items from the flood to store at our place,  and myself not always home, we have avoided face to face home introductions. Instead, if home, I take him to another room where he can see and hear the stranger and train until calm. This can take 30 seconds of something simple like “leave it/take it” (watching woman on front deck) to many minutes (angry man yelling upset with MD and government regarding flooding, not watching but hearing through open window).  I clearly could have done a better job socializing him earlier and he would have benefited from a more consistent approach.  He has not bitten. He is a puppy who needed more socialization earlier and who needs more training for this now but with consistent training that I can’t provide in the current situation.

 In public, Angus has been exposed at a distance to over one thousand people and is calm if walking in busy parking lots  (polite distance kept from strangers), truck stops, and laying relaxed on ground 14-20 feet from Walmart door with constant people, cart and car traffic.  Walking on the street we usually just pass on the grass if the person has no dog (he’s happy if he gets the knot of the leash/lead rope in his mouth to carry).  We do not do 1:1 greets with petting in public (unless a friend, see paragraph below.) If people ignore him, he can ignore them if they are walking by as close as 2-4 feet (this just happens, I don’t aim for the distance). That is too close if people stop to give him attention or talk to me and he gets reactive. Originally I associated  looking at strangers with “something good” (chicken while looking at person, chicken removed when not looking at person).  He no longer needs food, just rubbies works fine or quite often nothing for this distance socialization.  

 He is reactive on leash seeing another dog  (out of frustration) but is made to sit anyway before greeting (only if it’s a friend as strangers are quickly turned off with his reactivity). He quickly greets new dog and socializes like its puppy daycare. He’ll usually follow commands “break” from play, sit, relax (down) etc and charm my friends once he’s into the play. However, strangers don’t let us get to that stage given his reactiveness and my concern for them. (I think I’ve unconsciously fostered some of his concern regarding strangers).

 When in the car, he is reactive to dogs and with some, but not all people.  It is usually easy in a busy parking lot to just give him treat a few times when seeing a stranger and he settles and ignores people.  This won’t work at kennels or if attention is directed toward him.

He is more reactive with me than with my hubby. Hubby easily has long conversations standing at the open window of others' pickup trucks with Angus sitting beside him. I think I am unconsciously making things worse, reacting physically while he senses my worry.  I am no trainer – just a middle aged frau trying what I can. Again, I'd be willing to do more with cats and strangers if the home circumstances were different.  

  I cry thinking about the time and hours we’ve spent together but realize that with 4 cats,  inconsistent training in an extended family and new lack of conviction with some family members now that they have new health problems, that frequent “two steps forward, four steps backwards” will continue to occur at the expense of cats’ and Angus’s safety. 

Please consider calling me to discuss Angus. I greatly appreciate your time in reading this email and watching the video (it is an unlisted video). 

Many thanks,



9 Puppies, 1 Migraine & 1 cracked rib!

Things are still crazy here.  The puppies are doing well except 1.  He was the last one born and endured labour for over 24 hours.  That can play havoc with a little body.  He is continuing to lose weight even though I'm trying to bottle feed him.  Today I tube fed him and will do so every 2 hours for the next 24.  That should either make it or break it.  I may be imagining it but I think he's looking just slightly better. 

And the cracked rib?  During the whelping process, I was lying on a futon beside the whelping box waiting for the next puppy to appear.  Every time Cruz got up, I had to run interference to make sure she didn't step on the puppies already delivered.  I was lying on my right side and stretched into the box to move some puppies.  Thanks to the removal of most of my stomach muscles via surgery last year, I could only suspend myself for a short time.  I was extending my stretch much longer than I could, and fell back onto the futon to save myself from landing face first in the whelping box.  Unfortunately the metal handle used to pull the futon out was no longer covered by the mattress and I came down with all my weight right on top of it.  It felt like somebody had stabbed me in the front and the knife came right out the back.  I've never had any broken/cracked ribs before but I'm 99.9% sure this is what a cracked rib feels like.  Hurts to breathe, hurts to bend, hurts to twist, etc.  I've had broken bones before and this feels like bone pain as opposed to muscle pain.  But enough about me!

I promise when things settle down, I will give you all the details of the whelping.  And update you on the progress of the weak puppy.  I won't give him a name because it makes it harder if we lose him.  But we'll keep trying and hopefully we'll be successful!

The following post will be from a lady who can no longer keep her Guardian Angel Shepherd due to the fact her elderly parents moved in with her.  The next post is her letter hoping to find a good home for Angus.  He is an all black 8 month old male.  I cannot bring him here as all my kennels/yards are full and I cannot have a new dog in the house with my newborn puppies.  Please read the following post.  There is also a video to go with it.  If you can help Bev, please give her a call.

Saturday, 17 August 2013

Oh what a night! And day!

9 puppies, a maiden bitch with only a little milk and a migraine. I'll update when I can.


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Friday, 16 August 2013

7 so far

6 males 1 female

Are there any more coming? Hard to say at this point. I'd be happy if this was it.


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We are having puppies!

3 pups so far. 2 males 1 female.

I'll update when I can.


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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Ever wonder how much dog food I go through?

That will take about 3 weeks. Guess how many bags are there? The first person with the right answer gets a pat on the head!

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Good News & New Food

The good news is Cruz is definitely pregnant!  There is always a tense 4-6 weeks hoping and waiting and wondering if things have gone right.  You'd be surprised at how particular things are when you don't leave things to chance.  For example, the last time I bred Cruz, I got it wrong!  There were no puppies blessing our home the last time she and Merlin met.  It is always a very disappointing time when you come to the realization that things hadn't gone the way you had planned.  And with Cruz, because it was her very first breeding, I was scared that she may be sterile.  Ebony turned out to be sterile, and me, being me, couldn't find her a new home.  She had to stay here because she's one of the family.  But thankfully, Cruz caught this time and everything seems to be going well so far.  The due date is approximately August 21.  These puppies are going to be absolutely GORGEOUS!  Mixing the black with the sable coloring will give you very "wolfish" looking dogs.  People walking down the street will ask where they got such a STUNNING dog!

So I'm going to try a new puppy food.  Royal Canin is changing their recipe to chicken by-product instead of chicken meal.  Think beaks, legs, claws, feathers.  I'm extremely disappointed as I've been a loyal customer for about 10 years now.  However, things change and so must I.  I tried Horizon Legacy with the last litter and although they did okay on it, I wasn't overly impressed.  After 6 months of research, I've decided to try GO! Fit & Free Puppy food.  I was extremely impressed with the first 6 ingredients.  All meats!  So, for those of you who still have puppies who want to  change over to GO!, please let me know your thoughts and how your dog is doing.  I haven't researched their adult formulas yet.  After all, it took six months to find puppy food!!  For more information there is a link below.  Happy Dogging!

Wednesday, 17 July 2013


In todays world, you want to help, but how?  Day after day we here of "charities" (big name charities) that use more money on themselves than on the people they are supposed to help.  About 6 months ago, I was watching the National Geographic channel and they had a show about KIVA.  Kiva is an organization that makes LOANS to people who want to improve their standard of living. I was amazed at how small amounts of money can change a whole family's life.  You can loan just $25 towards someone's goal. It's called micro-financing. They may need $500 to buy a milk cow, or $1500 for a years tuition to nursing school.  You can add $25 (or more) toward their goal.  And YOU get to pick who gets your money.  There are hundreds of hard working people who just need a little help from you to have a better life.  And you get your money back!  It's a loan! I've already started receiving payments on the money I've lent.  And 100% of the money you loan goes to the recipient.  How is that possible?  Because when you loan $25, there will be a small amount added for administration.  You are asked if it is acceptable and you can decline if you want to. 

Please, please take the time to at least take a look.  Below is my Kiva page.  Click on the link to see how it all works.  Change a family's life for the cost of 2 people's lunch at Dairy Queen!

Monday, 24 June 2013

Pepper is off to her new career! She has been purchased to be a drug detection dog at oil camps up North.  I expect she will be a fantastic dog for that purpose.  High energy, high ball drive (which is increasing by the day) and a social attitude will make the perfect drug dog.  Way to go Pepper!  As I get feedback from the handler, I'll keep you updated!

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

A Little Bit of Play & A Little Bit of Work!

One of my puppy people have contacted me looking for other Guardian Angels to play with in central NE Calgary. They say they're will to drive so if anybody is interested in getting together for play dates, let me know and I'll pass on your information to them.

Things are busy here, as usual.  I have two 6 month old puppies starting to learn exercises for drug detection.  Both Fia and Pepper are doing very well.  Showing great work ethic which is really important.  For now we're just finding a ball or toy.  We start working with drawers and progress to cabinets, rooms. vehicles and the ultimate, warehouses!! 

Hope everyone is enjoying the wet weather!

Mary Ann

Sunday, 12 May 2013

Puppies & teething

I received this from one of my new puppy owners. Sounds like an interesting idea. Be sure not to leave them alone with it though.

I thought I would pass this tip along, as Alenka is teething and has a sore mouth and I thought maybe her siblings would be too. This keeps her occupied for at least 2 hours!
Take cotton rope 6to8 ft long , you can get it in the boat section at canadian tire. Cotton works best DO NOT USE YELLOW NYLON ROPE!
Soak the rope over night in water or if your feeling generous you can disolve an oxo cube in the water.
In the morning squeeze out as much liquid as you can. Then put 6 or 8 loose knots in the rope.
I then put peanut butter in the holes in the knots, I buy sugar free and salt free peanut butter.
THen I put this in the freezer, once it is frozen or semi frozen I give it to her.
This is cheap enough too that if you have more than one dog you can make several to keep everyone happy or make several to have on hand as the puppy chews through them.
Some dogs can get cotton rope apart so I would not recomend leaving them alone to long with it.
Let me know if anyone finds this helpful I know I do, some days she is so busy and this is something to keep her occupied while I get other stuff done.
Best Regards

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Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Ear up! No, down. No UP!

Bear with one ear up.

Bear with sore teeth

Bear feeling a little better!

At this age, the puppies ears are up and down.  It all depends on how sore their mouths are from teething.  Give your pups ice cubes to chew on and frozen weiner pieces as treats.  Take a raw bone, place it in a freezer bag and leave it in the freezer for a few hours.  Let the pup chew on it until they get tired, then put it back in the bag and back into the freezer.  All that cool chewing will help them feel better.
You can also give the pups chondroitin sulphate and glucosamine to help their ears stand up.  It's good for the cartilage in your joints but it's also good for the cartilage in their ears!  One capsule a day will help them have strong ears.  Be sure not to rub them too much or let your other dog chew on them!  Lots of chewing action, supplements, puppy food with calcium and you'll get those ears to perk up beautifully!

Friday, 12 April 2013

Waiting for my flight

This is Alenka. She is waiting for her flight from Calgary to Ottawa. She is off to Kingston to become a service dog. I'm so proud of her. I know she will make me proud.

Friday, 15 March 2013

The German standard for the German Shepherd Dog.

Pretty much identical!  The only difference is that I posed him intentionally with both back legs back so people could see that he was not over-angulated when he was stacked in a show stance.  If he was standing "at ease" he would have the perfect downward curve over the croup (in front of the tail).  Other than that I could superimpose these pictures.


Thursday, 21 February 2013

A Most Appreciated Reference

Anyone considering getting a GSD please read the following:

My boyfriend Kevin and I recently received a puppy from Guardian Angel Shepherds and we couldn't be happier with Duke or our experience with Mary Ann Marcellus! I personally have never owned a dog and let me tell you, as a novice dog owner you can read as much about raising a puppy as you like but once that puppy goes home with you there's a lot of things you won't know, and some things you'll want reassurance about. Mary Ann has been AMAZING since we brought Duke into our lives. She has spent hours with us, allowing us into her home several times to share her extensive knowledge, answering the many questions we had! I honestly don't know what I would have done had we gone through a different breeder who didn't care to follow through with their puppies. It is apparent Mary Ann cares tremendously about her pups and will always be there to lend a hand! Duke is an amazing dog already, thanks to the time and effort put into the early stages of his life at Guardian Angel Shepherds. He is calm and well adjusted, not to mention smart. I took him to my parents house where my baby niece was playing with a second young girl and everyone was amazed at how Duke either sat calmly amongst the ruckus occurring or let the kids lead him around the house without becoming excitable with all the crawling and running going on. I told Duke to sit and a family friend said "you can't expect a 9 week old puppy to know how to sit". Duke was sitting within a few days of bringing him home at 8 weeks! It is clear the dogs Mary Ann chooses to breed have amazing temperaments and intelligence. I am so glad we were able to receive  a Guardian Angel Shepherd. I wish I could personally speak to everyone considering getting a GSD and tell them what a great experience we have had with Mary Ann and Guardian Angel Shepherds! You'll never have any regrets choosing to get a German Shepherd from Mary Ann. She is absolutely fantastic and so are her dogs! 
Sarah Hamilton  

Also here's a picture of Duke from today even though you'll see him soon enough!

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