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Thursday, 21 February 2013

A Most Appreciated Reference

Anyone considering getting a GSD please read the following:

My boyfriend Kevin and I recently received a puppy from Guardian Angel Shepherds and we couldn't be happier with Duke or our experience with Mary Ann Marcellus! I personally have never owned a dog and let me tell you, as a novice dog owner you can read as much about raising a puppy as you like but once that puppy goes home with you there's a lot of things you won't know, and some things you'll want reassurance about. Mary Ann has been AMAZING since we brought Duke into our lives. She has spent hours with us, allowing us into her home several times to share her extensive knowledge, answering the many questions we had! I honestly don't know what I would have done had we gone through a different breeder who didn't care to follow through with their puppies. It is apparent Mary Ann cares tremendously about her pups and will always be there to lend a hand! Duke is an amazing dog already, thanks to the time and effort put into the early stages of his life at Guardian Angel Shepherds. He is calm and well adjusted, not to mention smart. I took him to my parents house where my baby niece was playing with a second young girl and everyone was amazed at how Duke either sat calmly amongst the ruckus occurring or let the kids lead him around the house without becoming excitable with all the crawling and running going on. I told Duke to sit and a family friend said "you can't expect a 9 week old puppy to know how to sit". Duke was sitting within a few days of bringing him home at 8 weeks! It is clear the dogs Mary Ann chooses to breed have amazing temperaments and intelligence. I am so glad we were able to receive  a Guardian Angel Shepherd. I wish I could personally speak to everyone considering getting a GSD and tell them what a great experience we have had with Mary Ann and Guardian Angel Shepherds! You'll never have any regrets choosing to get a German Shepherd from Mary Ann. She is absolutely fantastic and so are her dogs! 
Sarah Hamilton  

Also here's a picture of Duke from today even though you'll see him soon enough!

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Wednesday, 20 February 2013

I've been revamping my website.  The navigation dog tags on the left hand side, "disappeared"!  So I thought it was a good time to make a Rainbow Bridge link for Angel, Justice, Timber & Diesel.  (I haven't got that far yet, but its in the works.)  And I'm adding three new pages of dogs.  One for Vedor, one for Achilles and one for Cruz.  I've only added a few pictures at this point but come take a look!

Wednesday, 13 February 2013


So here's something interesting.  Miami Dade K9 Services is offering a Reno-Jipo-Me Grandson for sale for $8000.  It just so happens I have 5 Reno-Jipo-Me Grandsons right now and I'm only asking $1800.   Hmmmm....  I might have to raise me prices!

Check it out!

Monday, 11 February 2013

I LOVE getting emails like this!

comments = Hello,
I had the pleasure of meeting two of your beautiful dogs at a dog park in Edmonton.
Their names escape me, but the owner lives in Fort Saskatchewan. The female is 4 and the pup is 5 months?
Both are beautiful black GSDs. Excellent temperaments.
The owner is so good with them, relaxed and calm.
I have been looking for a black male such as his for three years, but have not been happy with the area breeders.
I train therapy and protection dogs.

I have just bought a puppy to train as a therapy dog for my company; so I hope to consider one of your beautiful boys in the next two years as a protection dog. I am so in love with the temperament I saw today, I can't say how impressed I am.
Excellent work.