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Monday, 10 November 2014

Congratulations Are in Order!!

Congratulations to Judy & Guardian Angel's Dugan on passing their final test. They are a Certified Canadian Search & Rescue Team! What a fantastic accomplishment!

I'm so proud of you both!!

Mary Ann

Monday, 3 November 2014

My Guardian Angel Extended Family is the Best!

There is nobody better in this world than my extended Guardian Angel family. The number of condolences on the loss of puppies this fall has been overwhelming. Everybody's first concern was the health and well-being of Cruz. I have been able to reassure everyone that she is doing just fine and has more energy than ever. She is healthy and happy and full of life!

The overwhelming concern for myself has touched my heart. I've always known my extended dog family was a good one but it has exceeded all my expectations and then some. Some people have gone as far as to volunteer their time to help was mundane chores so I can spend more time with Cruz and the other dogs. I am overwhelmed with people's generosity.

The biggest surprise for me was that every single person who had a deposit on a puppy has decided to continue to wait for the next litter. I am so humbled. Your faith in me and my dogs is incrediblle. Thank you just doesn't seem enough.

I know that I fall behind on paperwork and can be very slow to return emails and phone calls. I appreciate your patience & understanding. For those that have met me, you know I put my dogs far above business. They truly are my family. Each & everyone of them mean more to me than profits or the state of my business. I can guarantee you that I have lost potential puppy owners because I didn't respond to their emails or phone calls fast enough. But you know what? That's okay. If they can't understand my reasoning they shouldn't be part of the family. I may be slow but I answer everybody eventually.

So thank you everyone for all the phone calls, emails & visits. There's just no other way to say it. You Guys are the best!

Mary Ann