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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Indy's Crew

I know this looks upside down.  Sorry about that.  I was standing behind her when I took the picture.

Can you imagine all those little squirmy things inside her stomach!  Poor Indy!  All pups and Mom are continuing to do well, however I have decided to bottle feed as a supplement to what Indy is producing.  After all, there's only 8 "spigots"!  It will take a lot of stress off Indy if I help her out.  It takes 1 hour 45 minutes to feed them all!  Part of the reason for that length of time is because they all have to be burped after eating!  Did you know that?  And most of them don't particularly like it so it's like burping a gyroscope!

Sorry about the dirty pads.  It is impossible to keep things clean at this point.  Indy has a large amount of discharge at this point so all I can do is change pads every hour or so.  4 pads X 1 hour.  That works out to 96 pads a day!  I don't actually change them every hour at night.  Midnight is my last hourly change, then 4:00AM, then 7:00AM, then hourly again.  That still works out to roughly 80 pads a day.  That's a lot of laundry!

10 PUPPIES! Can you believe it!!

No pictures or details for you yet.  I've been up almost 24 hours.  Mom and pups are doing well.  Me?  I think I've been hit by a freight train...  but I'm happy.  All is well at Guardian Angel Shepherds.  I'll update everyone soon.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Thankfully, with death comes life.

After Diesel's death a few weeks ago, things have been pretty down around here.  The dogs pack howl more often, looking for their canine pack leader  I go through fits of being sad, or being mad.  It strikes me most at bedtime.  That's when I give the dogs their vitamens, put them outside individually to do their business, and put all the dogs in their seperate beds.  Diesel's bed was at the end of my bed.  Now there's an expanse of floor I hadn't noticed before.  I can't bear to have somebody else there yet.  It's too soon.

But, with death comes life.  I'm very happy to tell you that Indy is going to have a litter of pups!  The father is Merlin and we're all very excited.  The breeding didn't go as expected (there was no tie) so it's hard to give an exact date when the pups are due.  Should be somewhere around December 15th.  It will be a busy Christmas!  I have a couple of spots available on the waiting list, so if the timing is right for you, now's the time to get your deposit in!

So when I get sad about my missing friend, I bury my head in Indy's belly.  And it doesn't take long before I can feel wiggling beneath my face.  And I start to smile.

Major Communications Problems

A quick post before I'm off to classes!  I have been having major communcations problems since the middle of October.  My hard drive died on my old computer.  I had backed everything up so wasn't horribly upset.  What I didn't realize was how much time it took to start up a new computer!  All the software, programs, etc all needed to be loaded onto the new machine.  I just managed to get it all up and running a few days ago and was starting to answer emails back dated to October!  And guess what!  My hard drive on my new computer is faulty and I have to start all over again!  I am majorly PO'd!  It's not like I have a lot of free time for this stuff!  So here I go again!  They are sending me a new hard drive to install myself.  Oh the joys of technology!

Also, my Telus answering machine is telling me I have messages, but it won't play them.  Telus swears it's working fine and that all these calls people have decided not to leave messages.  I've had about 3 messages get through in all of November!!

So my point is, please keep trying if you have been trying to reach me!  Don't give up on me!  It's this stupid technology!!    (403)556-3635