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Sunday, 27 September 2015

Disappointed but proud!

Yesterday I had been invited to a Search & Rescue Demonstration where one of my puppies was participating.  Of course he's not a puppy anymore!  But it was cancelled because they were called on a real search to help find a man that had gone missing.  Although I was disappointed not to be able to see my dog doing what he was bred for, I am incredibly proud that in some way I can help the family of the missing man.  It must be just horrible to have a family member go missing.  I can't even imagine!  So here's to all the dedicated SAR members who spend hundreds of hours practicing in the field, no matter the weather!  Thank you for all your time and effort!  You provide an invaluable service.  My hat goes off to you!
Mary Ann
Proud to Provide K9 Partners for Life