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Thursday, 21 September 2017

Lexi Found the Laundry Room Garbage!

A Most Wonderful Reference Letter!


September 1, 2017


To Whom It May Concern:

If you are considering bringing a German Shepherd puppy into your home and family, you need look no further than Guardian Angel Shepherds.

My relationship with Guardian Angels and Mary Ann Marcellus began in 2005.  I had grown up with German Shepherds as a child but had never owned a dog as an adult.  I had decided that it was time for me to add a dog to my life and a German Shepherd was the only breed I was interested in.  I looked at several organizations and breeders and after extensive research, I decided upon Guardian Angels.

Getting a puppy from Mary Ann is not an easy process.  Mary Ann truly views each of these puppies as her own and cares deeply that they go to the right 'forever' home.  I filled out a questionnaire and went through an extensive interview process.  Never having owned my own dog before, Mary Ann wanted to make sure I was up for the challenge of owning one of her puppies in terms of my abilities, my attitude, my commitment and the environment.

I remember the litter had both sable and black and tan puppies.  I specified that I wanted a black and tan female puppy.  Although my request for a female was not a problem, Mary Ann informed me that she very carefully assesses the puppies skills/attitude against the prospective adoptive 'parents' and assigns puppies based on the best match better the puppy and the people.  I was a bit disappointed when she called me to say the puppies were ready to go home and that she had designated Miss Light Green to me.  Miss Light Green was a sable Shepherd.  Off I went to see the puppy and of course, each puppy was adorable so off we went home.  Miss Light Green became Shiloh and she very quickly became the love of my life.  She was beautiful (we very seldom went anywhere when people did not comment on how beautiful she was), she was extremely bright, she was the kindest soul and she made my life whole in ways I could not have imagined.

When Shiloh was four years old, I discovered a small mole-like blemish on her nose.  We went to the vet and thankfully, I have a vet who is very thorough.  Although she believed it to just be a skin tag, she did a biopsy.  I was devastated when I got the call that the biopsy was positive for canine melanoma.   One of my first calls was to Mary Ann to tell her what was going go.  I was so extremely grateful for Mary Ann's support and guidance throughout the surgery and post-surgery procedures.

I was blessed that this was caught early enough.  That goes straight to being a responsible pet owner and identifying there was an issue and seeking the guidance of a competent and caring veterinarian who was willing to do the necessary test even though her initial suspicion was that it was nothing serious.

Thankfully, Shiloh and I had nearly 8 more years together.  I celebrated each year of she and I being together and sent regular updates to Mary Ann because I never ever forgot that she was the reason I had been given this most amazing gift.

In December of 2016 I had to make the worst decision I will ever have to make.  Shiloh was the ultimate companion right up until she took her last breath.  She filled my life with laughter, loyalty and love each and every day and her loss rocked my world right to my core.

I was convinced I could never survive that kind of loss again and had made the decision that I would not have another dog.  However, after seven months, I could not stand the lack of energy and companionship that only a dog can provide so I made a call to Mary Ann.  There was no other place I would consider.  I truly believe the timing of my call was a bit of divine intervention as Mary Ann had just decided that she was only going to keep one of the two females she had initially planned to keep for breeding.  After 12 years, I made the trip back to Guardian Angels and met Miss Red.  She stole my heart immediately and Miss Red is now Lexi.  This adorable little bundle of energy is gorgeous, smart and lovable and my home and life are once again full and happy thanks to my second gift from Mary Ann Marcellus.

If you have made the decision to get a German Shepherd and your search has led you to Mary Ann and Guardian Angels, congratulations!  You could not have made a better choice!



Saturday, 2 September 2017

K9 Partnership sent you a video: "Teaching a Puppy Nail Trimming"

K9 Partnership has shared a video with you on YouTube
A training video on nail trimming.
Teaching a Puppy Nail Trimming
First, I apologize for my appearance. Working with 11 dogs, you forget at the end of the day how dirty you get. I thought about redoing the video but it worked out so perfectly. So my apologies.

Trinity, my almost 4 month old puppy is very high energy and she has a mind of her own. She is not one to sit still. Here I teach her how to calm herself and that nail trimming is a good thing. I hope this helps you. Remember, patience is the key! Happy dog training!
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