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Friday, 30 June 2017

Update on Achilles

I've had many inquiries about how Achilles is doing in his new home. For those who don't know, Achilles was adopted as a security dog as well as a family pet. He will work during the day with his officer and go home at night for cuddles and ball play with the significant other.   I was touched by all the kind words. 

Hi Mary Ann.
Update on Achilles.
Absolutely no problems with him going to bed in the evenings.  He lies next to the fan we have going to keep the bedroom cool and this is where he pretty much stays until the alarm goes off in the morning :))
John is working today so it was my turn to take Achilles for a walk.  I decided to take him around the Cochrane Ranche House.  Lovely huge park area with lots of pathways shooting off in every direction.  When I arrived at the car park I noticed a school event taking place in the distance.  Not deterred, we started off on our walk.  We encountered tons of screaming, shouting, throwing balls everywhere kids and Achilles did not bat an eyelid.  We came across a few dogs and their owners too, again this beautiful big bold boy did not bat an eyelid.  He walked to heel most of the time without even being asked.  About 45 minutes later we arrived back at my vehicle and off we went to Safeway.  I nipped in to buy milk and was out again in a jiffy, Achilles was quite content.  At this point I decided to test him with a walk through the town of Cochrane, the busiest road of them all.  We walked along one side encountering lots of people, lots of traffic and a train!!  We crossed over the road and navigated our way through the crowds outside MacKay's Ice Cream.  Achilles walked to heel at all times taking everything in his stride - he was being admired by all.  Seriously Mary Ann, nothing fazed him.  All I did was to tell him he was a very good boy every now and again.  We walked back to my vehicle which was parked outside the Rexall store and after giving Achilles tons of praise and a treat or two, I drove us back home.  What a fantastic couple of hours we spent together.  It really was amazing, especially when you think that we only picked him up from you on Saturday morning.  
Achilles must trust us implicitly to behave the way he does.  The excellent training you have given this gorgeous German Shepherd throughout his six years is second to none, all credit goes to you Mary Ann, you should be very very proud of yourself.  John and I realise how difficult it was for you to give up Achilles on Saturday, but we are so pleased you did.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for trusting us with this amazing dog (trust works both ways, not just from a dogs point of view but from a humans too).  Rest assured Achilles will have the best home we can give him.  He will be loved and cherished unconditionally and I know this will be reciprocated.
John and I have had five German Shepherds throughout our time together.  We lost our last two suddenly, old age took them (Tsar and Dylan) only a few months ago and it broke us.  Achilles came along and we think he was heaven sent.  Our hearts are now starting to heal and we can move forward together....the three of us. 
This is the beginning of a bright new future for Achilles,John and myself.  Achilles will be going to work with John very soon so he will have a lot of exciting new things to look forward too. Watch this space for more news and photo's of the handsome, big, very bold Achilles....we absolutely adore him and love him to bits.
Thank you, thank you, thank you to all the precious Guardian Angels for being there for us, to protect us and for us to enjoy life to the fullest moving forward together, and of course, thank you a million times over to Mary Ann who is most definitely a Guardian Angel herself.  Love you all.  
Just to let you know we would not buy a German Shepherd from anyone else but you Mary Ann.  No one out there can beat your knowledge and expertise, so please keep up the good work.   
Love and best wishes always, from a very grateful Sonia and John.

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