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Thursday, 20 April 2017

Show Puppy!

This is an email I received from one of the Cruz/Rommel2016 puppy owners.    What fun!

Hi Mary Ann, I thought I would send you an update on how Zulu (miss purple) is doing. She's gotten settled in very well and loves to play with the bulldog and go on walks. She was 28 pounds on the day she had her second set of shots and the vet thinks that she will break 40 pounds by the time her third set comes around, we've been increasing her food little by little in order to keep up to her growing. Little Zulu has also been making lots of friends around the neighborhood with both other dogs and people that she runs in to on her walks, today we took her to a dog show that we had heard about from another lady in our neighborhood. We took her there solely to expose her to an environment with lots of people and dogs where she can socialize. A group of people from the local kennel club took a lot of interest in her, and after a while one of the ladies walks over, puts a leash on Zulu, and says "I'm taking your puppy in to the exhibition ring" where she was given the best puppy in breed ribbon for what was in her mind, running in a circle. There are a couple pictures here, one of her and our bulldog sitting together and another of her with her first ribbon beside her. We didn't even get her with the intent to show her but she ended up doing it today and really enjoyed 

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