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Sunday, 23 April 2017

Puppy Carsickness

Mary Ann

Mary Ann

Some of you have asked me about puppies and carsickness. Most of the time puppies will get over being carsick. If you take them on short rides to start with, go on an empty stomach and not make a big issue out of it. Just put the dog in, drive a short distance, bring the dog out, the dog will end up getting used to the motion. However, there is the odd dog (I have one of them) that that doesn't work for. Cruz is and always has been a dog who gets carsick. Six years ago I thought that if I made short trips that she would get used to it. I was wrong. What happened in her case was that she stressed so much that it really didn't have anything to do with the car anymore it just had to do with the "thought" of the car. Just thinking that she had to go inside the car was enough stress to actually cause her to physically get sick. So to make sure that this never happens again, I do preventative measures. I still only take the puppies on short trips and on empty stomachs. But I also add to the equation something called Rescue Remedy. It is a natural stress reliever made for people. It is made with flowers and herbs and natural products. I've often suggested it for people who have dogs that flip out about going to the vets. It seems to work wonders. A spray in the mouth 20-30 minutes before you leave or if you prefer you can buy bottles with droppers and you put two drops on the tongue. it just helps the dog relax and they don't end up getting sick. If they don't end up getting sick they don't end up getting stressed if they don't end up getting stressed they don't end up getting sick etc. etc. I've even been giving it to Cruz the last couple of trips and it seems to even have helped her. Good luck with your puppies and below is a picture of the box that Rescue Remedy comes in. You can buy it at most health food stores.

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  1. You can buy it at pet stores too. It's the exact same thing though, just repackaged with a pet label. (and it might cost more because of that! LOL I haven't checked)
    Excalibur has been pretty good with his carsickness... Happened while his ears were starting to stand up. And then again yesterday, but he's teething, so again, ears! But he doesn't seem stressed by it, in fact, he's rather excited he gets to eat a second time! LMFAO (eew) I don't even notice when he's thrown up, because he's completely silent, I just happen to glance back him, or hear him eating it, otherwise I wouldn't even know. So hopefully it'll only be an issue while his ears are doing funky things! He also seems to get carsick faster if he's too warm. So he has a cooling mat to lay on in the car, and the windows cracked or the AC on, depending on the weather. That helps him tons!
    -Julie F