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Saturday, 22 April 2017

Feeding Raw Food

Feeding raw food is by far the best way to feed your dog.  But you have to realize two things.  It's time consuming and it is expensive.  The picture below is what goes into making  a meal that is nutritionally correct.  You don't just go buy 1-1.5 pounds of hamburger and throw it at your dog.  All these other ingredients are vital to your dog's good health.  And actually, I see I've missed something very critical.  Bone meal!  It must be just out of the picture.  Bone meal provides the calcium your dog needs to grow and stay healthy.  Extremely important component of a daily meal!  

Since this picture was taken, I've also started to include turmeric and vitamin C.  Turmeric is an incredibly valuable addition.  It's benefits are so extensive I would do it a dishonour to try and list them all.  I suggest you research it for yourself.  To be specific, its the curcumin in the turmeric that is beneficial.  I take it every day myself.  And vitamin C is something I've learned about recently in regards to dogs.  It has not been clinically proven with blind studies but there is growing evidence that it helps prevent hip and elbow dysplasia as well as creates stronger muscles and tendons that help hold the joints together.  I'm giving Maya (4 month old puppy) 500 mg and my adults 1000 mg a day.  Back in 1933, under a single clinical trial it was proven that dogs create their own vitamin C.  And there it was left.  But it seems that some dogs create enough and some don't.  Vitamin C is a safe vitamin so if your body does not require it, it passes out through urine.   I'd rather have my dogs have enough Vitamin C and piss it away, than not enough.  

Please realize that what I'm telling you is my own opinion and I'm telling you what I feed my own dogs.  If you want to follow my lead, you do so at your own risk.  As always, I suggest you research everything yourself and make your own decisions as to what you feed your dogs.

Coming soon will be what I feed when I don't feed raw.

Mary Ann

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