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Monday, 1 May 2017

Please Send Deposits Now

For those of you that I asked to wait to send your deposits on a Fia puppy, you can send them now.  I will email you all individually but it's been very busy here the last few days so I'm sending out this generic message.  Things are so busy here that when we finished our morning chores is was 4:00PM, just in time to start afternoon chores! And I didn't even eat lunch!  

 I'm making formula for the pups just as a preventative measure.  Fia is a first time Mom and 8 pups is a ton of work.  If I can take some of the heat off for her, I will.  The pups are 24 hours old and have all gained weight!  Yay!  The first 48 hours are crucial.  Then the next 2 weeks.  And if everything is going well by then, I can start to relax a little.

Oh!  And we have 7 girls and 1 boy!  Crazy!  Not as crazy as the 11 boys I had once though!  No girls and 11 boys.  

So those waiting on a Fia/Rommel puppy, please send your $500 nonrefundable deposit now.  The best way to do that is send it via email money transfer to  We can discuss the security question via private email.  If you don't want to wait for me to email you, please go ahead and contact me if you'd rather.  As you know, I'm really behind on everything.  Except for caring for my dogs.  They are all in tip-top condition!

Mary Ann

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