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Friday, 12 May 2017

Nova/Rommel Puppy Pick Up Times/Aptitude Tests

Nova/Rommel puppies are ready to go home May 18th.  Please book your time to pick up your puppy now.  Plan on being here 1-2 hours.  There's lots of paperwork and lots of information that goes home with you.  Bring the remaining balance owing on your pup in cash or a certified cheque or a bank draft.  Also an emoney transfer is fine but remember that there is usually a $1000/day limit so you will need to send the money in advance over a period of days.  

We successfully completed the aptitude tests this evening.  I will post which family gets which puppy on the blog by tomorrow evening.  I take this process very seriously and many factors come into play.  I know you are all waiting and I appreciate your patience.  but here is something I just received today.

Hey there!

I want to send an update and a couple of pictures. He's a wonderful dog. He's fit right into the family and it's very clear he loves all of us. He's gentle with the kids. He plays nice with other dogs and he's very very smart. No surprises to you :) 

Take care and have a great weekend! 

And also,

Thanks Mary Ann.....I am happy with my pup, and more very to you later.

Mary Ann

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