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Saturday, 20 May 2017

Happy and Sad

I don't know how one can be really, really happy and really, really sad at the same time.  My beautiful boy Achilles has found a wonderful home.  I have turned down many potential owners, as you know, because he needs just the right amount of love and direction to manage him properly.  He has his own ideas and combined with being a dominant dog, he needs just the right people to love him.  Someone with experience, someone who will give him a job, and someone who will love him unconditionally.  And he's finally been paired with just those people!  I'm so happy he has found his perfect match.  He will be working everyday with a retired policeman who is now in charge of a security company and he will go home each night and be spoiled rotten by the significant other.  They have had 3 German Shepherds before Achilles and they just make a perfect match.  I'm so happy!

But I'm also sad.  I will miss his big bear face around here.  He's been here for 4 years and it's hard to see him go down the driveway.  But he will be very happy and that makes me happy!

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