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Saturday, 20 January 2018

My Next Litter - Nova/Merlin

Nova went into heat about a week ago and I am just waiting for the correct time to breed her. Neither of the boys seem all that interested yet and they are the experts! I am accepting deposits for that litter now. I have 3 deposits of the 6 I will take. If you have sent a questionnaire but not heard back from me, it does not mean that you were not approved. If you were not approved, I would let you know and I would explain why. The main reason you might not have heard back from me is I have been even busier than I usually am! And still sleep deprived. Still getting up 4-6 times per night to check on the puppies. And they are still being puppy-sat 24/7. They have not been left alone yet. They are doing well so I expect I will be able to leave the ranch for a short period of time soon.

Mary Ann

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