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Monday, 8 January 2018

Days Away!

For those excited people waiting to hear how Cruz is doing, she is just days away from whelping.  Something that is so exciting for you is incredibly stressful for me.  I don't mean to rain on your parade.  I still want you to be excited and jumping for joy!  But I would appreciate all your prayers and good thoughts.  There are so many dangers that non-breeders do not know about.  Dead puppies, stuck puppies, deformed puppies, sick puppies, all these things can cause death to the Mom.  It is not a job for the weak of heart.  When I get phone calls asking for breeding dogs I know that 90% or more have absolutely no idea what they are getting into.  And that's one of the reasons why I won't sell breeding dogs. 


So why do I put my dogs and myself through the stress and dangers?  Because I want people to have partners.  Because without a K9 partner their lives are missing something extraordinary.  Whether the K9 partner is a PTSD dog (there are 2 going for that job) or a service dog (1 from this litter) or a family protector, they are all extremely important jobs.  These dogs will fill a void in someone's life that they may not even know they had!  If their dog can bring them 1/10th the joy my dog's have given me, I'd be happy!  I live for my dogs, and they live for me.  It's a perfect partnership!


Cruz is due on the 15th but she has delivered her 2 previous litters 4-5 days early.  Of course she could surprise me and be late too!  I'm trying to go to bed early in anticipation of a possible 48 hour stint but I'm not always successful.  And even if I do I'm sleeping with one eye open watching and listening for signs of Cruz starting labour. 


So please send prayers and well wishes our way.  I will keep you informed as I can.


Mary Ann


PS  I know I'm way, way behind on my emails!  I took 10 days off from the computer as my one and only vacation this year.  I was here, taking care of the critters, but I needed a break from the computer.  I'm heading into my 6th decade in a few weeks and I'm just not savvy enough to keep all forms of communication going.  I don't know how they do it without getting burnt out.  And maybe they are!  But I'm slowly catching up on the emails so I thank you for your patience.  Again!


Mary Ann


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