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Wednesday, 14 September 2011

The Other End of the Leash

I was tracking with Merlin last week and decided to try recording it.  My tracking coach records hers quite frequently so I thought I'd do the same. (Thanks Donna!)   Maybe I'll learn something.

And just so you know, we are both beginners.  I'm up close so that I can help him if he gets off track.  It also gives him confidence to keep going. 

So here it is. Tracking from my perspective. 

As you can see, he didn't need me!  He followed the track without any problems.  We are working on 40-50 metre tracks at this point.  I'm very happy with how he is proceeding.  His tracks are getting longer and twice, I've introduced him to corners.  The first time he did awesome.  The second he was totally perplexed and I had to show him where to start.  But that's all normal I guess.   I was reading a book about tracking the other day and it said it would take 12 months before a dog was ready to compete to attain his Tracking Dog title.  I guess I have a minimum of 8 months to go! 

But this time there were no corners and he did very well.  He kept his nose to the ground at all times and casted back and forth from footstep to footstep.  AND he found the article at the end!  I couldn't ask for more!

I hope you enjoyed our little tracking session as much as I did!

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