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Monday, 1 October 2018

Things that scare me!

OH! OH!  Let's get an Aussie Labradoodle puppy!!  They are only $2500 US and they come with a pedigree and "Good Health Genetics" certificate!  The pedigrees even having fancy names in them.  "Jojo's Color Me Dazzled" or Dazzle for short.  "Aussieland's Little Miss Sprinkles" or Missy for short.  Oh it sounds so appealing!


I happened to find a WONDERFUL website while looking for directions to build a Do It Yourself elevated dog bed.  I won't tell you which site I found.  The website is very impressive.  Probably 50 or more pages of dog related articles on husbandry, care, heartwarming stories and tons and tons of reviews and recommendations from clients who adopt their puppies.  Oh, it all looks so GOOD!


And it scares the living crap out of me.  Why?  Because they are selling mutts (a mix of 3 breeds) with no pedigree longer than 3 or 4 generations.  And they are "registered" with the Designer Dog Registry which was started about 10 years ago.   The Canadian Kennel Club however was started in 1888 with the Animal Pedigree Act to register animals valuable to mankind.  This website is making up words like Good Health Genetics Certificates (what the hell is that?) and I don't see a single thing on there about guarantees.  But there is something about being able to go to an Australian Shepherd Cross breeder who has invented a new breed where you can see the sire.  Oh good grief!  Invented a new breed?  Do you have any idea what it takes to start a new breed?  I do and I can tell you that in this case, they have not followed all the rules and regulations to do so.  I know someone who truly was trying to start a new breed of herding dog.  For decades, they kept impeccable records and still they were not able to get their new breed recognized by the world's acknowledged registration bodies.  It is VERY difficult to start a new breed.


And here's a fact you don't want to know.  When you are breeding Labradoodles, GoldenDoodles, Cockapoos, or any other designer dog that crosses a shedding breed with a non-shedding breed, 50% of the puppies have non-shedding coats and 50% have shedding coats.  It's just how genetics work.  And what do you think happens with the puppies who shed?  Who wants those puppies?  If they wanted to get a shedding puppy they would have gone to a breeder of Goldens, Labs or Cockers.  So where are all those shedding dogs?  You don't see them do you?  I leave you to ponder on that question but I can tell you that you won't like the answer.  For every single non-shedding doodle out there, there is no longer his shedding brother or sister who was just unlucky enough to get that shedding gene.  So every time I see a designer dog with an "oodle" in it's name, it makes me sad.  Sad to know a wonderful dog has been discarded because of his luck.  I saw three doodles in the pet store the other day and almost started crying.  If those people had known this fact, I doubt they would have purchased those dogs.


I understand the desire to have a dog that doesn't shed!  Believe me!  I have 9 German Shepherds in my house at the moment.  But did you know I can find 22 breeds of small dogs, 8 breeds of medium sized dogs and 9 breeds of large dogs, THAT DO NOT SHED!  And they don't have to dispose of every other one that is born.  And each puppy has a pedigree that stretches back for a hundred years,  they have legitimate health CLEARANCES (which is the key word) and they have guarantees!


Come on people!  Do your homework.  Don't be fooled by fancy websites and words strung together that don't really mean anything.  I'm sorry to be the one to have to tell you this but somebody has to.


I love my dogs.  I love ALL dogs.  And it is for this reason I will stand up and speak for those who can't.


Mary Ann


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