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Monday, 17 July 2017

Been awhile

Mary Ann

It's been awhile since my last dog show but these are a small representation of how well my dogs did. I never did show in confirmation with my Shepherds because the judges were looking for snipey, over-angulated dogs that did not resemble the original German Shepherd. Instead I wanted to show my dogs' intelligence and desire to please. These are all trophies for the high end obedience classes. Scent discrimination, retrieving over high jumps, off leash work etc.

1 comment:

  1. You should enter obedience or rally or something at the Red Deer show. First weekend in November. You've got time to brush up and prepare. And if I can find someone to handle Cali for me, and we have the paperwork in order, I might enter him in Conformation just for giggles. I don't care about winning obviously, it's just a novel experience for him, and can show the audience what a proper shepherd looks like, even if the judges don't see it. So you can come cheer him on too, while hopefully adding some titles to your dogs. Win-win. ;) LOL

    -Julie F