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Wednesday, 12 October 2011

"Death Wobble"

So apparently my Jeep has the "Death Wobble".  Who knew?!  I'm driving down the road at 90km/hr and all of a sudden the steering wheel is vibrating so badly I thought I'd lost a wheel!  Scared my half to death!  I pulled over and no, all the tires and wheels are still there.  I tried to shake each tire but they seemed to be on tight.  I was in the middle of nowhere with no cell reception so I got back in and very slowly proceeded down the road.  Everything seemed fine.  A little faster... a little faster... and nothing happened.  I attributed it to some holes in the road that sent me bouncing around.  A few days later, BAM, it did it again.  This time I took it right to the dealer.  I have the "Death Wobble".  Check it out on You Tube if you don't know what it is.  The unfortunate part is nobody knows what causes it.  Sometimes its the track bar, sometimes it's the shocks, sometimes its the tires.  The bad news is, any Jeep can get it and any Dodge truck.  So BEWARE owners of Jeeps and Dodges!  In my case, it is caused by the tires. But that was found out after they changed the shock on the steering column, put new shocks on the front end and a wheel alignment!  $$$$!

After 5 days in the shop, they finally got me a loaner car but not before I had to cancel all my dog related activities.  They don't like dog hair in the loaner!  No dogs to classes, no tracking, no swimming at the river!  I didn't realize how convenient my Jeep was.  Alas, it won't be back to normal until I can get new tires put on it.  More $$$!  This is getting very expensive!

On another note, my Puppy Kindergarten course is now over and I have 2 weeks left of my Beginners course.  Almost all the puppies signed up for the next Beginners which starts November 1st.  How time flies!  Seems like I just started those courses 2 weeks ago!  I'm still looking for a suitable indoor area to hold my classes in.  If anybody know of one in the Bowden, Sundre, Olds area please let me know.

Tata for now!   

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  1. I had the death wobble in my Land Rover. New strutts took care of it for a couple years, and now its starting to come back.....